BGA Rework Services

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Products, services, training, and consulting for the assembly, rework & repair of electronic assemblies. BGA process experts. Manufacturers Rep & Sole Agent in North America for Shuttle Star BGA Rework Stations.


Consultant / Service Provider, Equipment Dealer / Broker / Auctions, Manufacturer's Representative, Training Provider

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BGA Rework Services

BGA Rework Services


BGA Rework Services


Rework & Repair Services

Offered by:

Precision PCB Services, Inc

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BGA Rework Services Description:

BGA Rework Services Offered 

  • BGA Remove and Placement
  • Level Three Pad Repair
  • Wire Add
  • Trace Repair
  • BGA Re-Balling
  • BGA Inspection

We Rework

  • PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array)
  • TBGA (Tape Ball Grid Array)
  • uBGA (Micro BGA)
  • CCGA (Ceramic Column Grid Array)
  • CBGA (Ceramic Ball Grid Array)
  • CPGA (Ceramic Pin Grid Array)
  • LGA (Land Grid Array)
  • QFN (Quad Flat No Lead)
  • Interposers
  • Double stacked components
  • Ball Grid Array Connectors
  • Grounded QFP (Quad Flat Pack)
  • Grounded SOIC (Small Outline Plastic Packages)
  • Lead Free BGA (Ball Grid Array)

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