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Precision PCB Services, Inc

Products, Services, Training, and Consulting for the assembly, rework & repair of electronic assemblies. BGA process experts. Manufacturers Rep & Sole Agent in North America for Shuttle Star BGA Rework Stations.

Oroville, California, USA

Consultant, Equipment Dealer / Broker, Manufacturer's Rep, Service Provider, Training Provider

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Solder Training and Solder Certification Courses Description:

Solder Training and Solder Certification Courses Taught in Accordance With IPC Soldering Guidelines.

We offer a variety of customized courses set up specifically for our customers requirements.  An example would be our combination type certificate that includes both Lead & Lead Free Solder Certification for those companies that are in transition.

In addition we offer a variety of courses for the assembly, rework and repair of printed circuit boards.  Courses include surface mount and through hole hand solder training and component rework skills.  BGA - Ball Grid Array solder and  rework training, and much more!

Lead Free Solder Training

This one-day Hands On course explains the differences between lead free and tin-lead solder -- for solder joint touch up and rework. Topics covered include component removal, land preparation, component replacement and the correct methods for touch up and rework.  Hand soldering  techniques include point-to-point soldering, drag soldering and touching up joints with too little solder and solder bridge removal.

Also covers why companies are making the switch to lead free processes, the characteristics of lead free solder alloys and lead free solder joint evaluation -- comparing target, acceptable and unacceptable lead free joints with their tin-lead counterparts. Designed with rework technicians in mind to help them make the lead free switch with knowledge and confidence.

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