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Granite Microsystems

Granite specializes in OEM embedded computers

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

Granite Microsystems is an engineering based manufacturer of custom integrated computers and computer related products. Offering complete solutions to original equipment manufacturers and industrial computer users, Granite provides a unique combination of manufacturing, custom integration and engineering services. Granite has partnered with organizations ranging from start-up enterprises to Fortune 500 companies on their most important computer projects and is recognized as a leader in off-the-shelf and custom- engineered computer solutions. Since 1984, Granite has specialized in embedded computers and industrial PC solutions. Granite's product offering includes desktop PCs, high-end workstations, a wide-array of industrial computers, a full-line of NLX platforms, USB/IEEE 1394 development, Device Bay, and distributed I/O systems. These products combined with our service capability enables Granite to provide our customers with full turnkey solutions. Our team of Hardware, Software, and Mechanical Engineers has the expertise and experience to develop custom computer solutions to meet almost any application requirements. From manufacturing to high level design and integration to specialized service Granite can meet the challenges today's demanding computer applications.

Custom-built computer solutions of all types. Software engineering, including custom applications in Windows(R) products, Unix, or C++. Full turnkey computer solutions from initial design through full manufacturing. Consistency and quality levels exceed all industry standards through our specialized control process.

Granite specializes in OEM embedded computers

Granite Microsystems Postings

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Device Bay Remote

Device Bay Remote allows almost unlimited I/O expansion with hot-swappable devices. Saves a great deal of time and money for most industrial applications. Granite is one of the first companies worldwide to release Device Bay products....

Distributed I/O

Small footprint, high density I/O for running any application requiring many points in a small, low-voltage solution. Convenient RJ-type connector for simple application and increased adaptability....

NLX case designs

The NLX form factor decreases TCO through ease of serviceability in the field - and supplies the ISA/PCI slots that are needed in industrial applications. Custom designs available through Granite's mechanical engineering team....

USB / IEEE 1394

Custom-designed USB and IEEE 1394 devices incorporated into the Device Bay standard for uniformity and perpetual product life. Port your ISA and PCI devices to Device Bay technology to avoid disaster when ISA and PCI are eliminated in the PC marketp...

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