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IVP - Integrated Vision Products

Vision systems, high performance 3-D imaging etc.


Manufacturer of high speed vision systems, based on unique in-house developed CMOS sensor technology with image sensor, A/D converter and a very powerful image anaysis processor integrated on the same chip.

We can also assist you in your application development. Some of the best skilled application engieers of the world is waiting for your call!

Vision systems, 4000 profiles/sec 3-D imaging

IVP - Integrated Vision Products Postings

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MAPP Smart Camera

A compact general purpose vision system, with image sensor and an embedded processor in the same housing. Standard i/o's are RS232/485 and optocoupled parallel i/o's that can be used for process control, triggering etc. Available with 3 different sen...


3-D imaging application software package. Runs on the MAPP Smart Camera, and is capable of generating up to 5000 3-D profiles per second. Comes with a easy to use NT-based user interface and a library of highly optimised 3-D algoritms. Easy applicati...

Jade Series Selective Soldering Machines

fluid dispensing pumps for integration