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Surface-Mount Capacitors

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For everything from high volume, low cost capacitors to application specific ceramic solutions, Johanson Dielectrics has you covered.

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Surface-Mount Capacitors

Surface-Mount Capacitors


Surface-Mount Capacitors



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Johanson Dielectrics, Inc.


Surface-Mount Capacitors Description:

For everything from high volume, low cost capacitors to application specific ceramic solutions, Johanson Dielectrics has you covered.

The mission of the Johanson Companies is to translate our customer needs into quality electronic components, produced in factories that are models of excellence, supported by innovative service. With over 30 years of experience, Johanson Dielectrics provides both standard and custom technology solutions tailored to your specific electronic applications.

Our wide product offering includes the following Capacitors: Ceramic SMT and Leaded High Voltage and High Temperature, Y2 Safety Certified, Tip & Ring, Tanceram (for Tantalum replacement), Dual and Multi Capacitor Arrays, Low Inductance, X2Y, Switchmode.

Customized solutions in the areas of High Temperature and High AC power ceramic capacitors are available to customers who require a partnered technology solution.

Surface Mount Capacitors:

Surface Mount MLC Capacitors

SMT MLC Capacitors 10-200 VDC

Johanson offers a wide range of standard surface mount ceramic chip capacitors in NPO, X7R, X5R and Y5V dielectrics rated from 10 to 200 VDC. These MLCs have barrier terminations and come in tape and reel packaging.

High Voltage SMD Capacitors

High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors 500 - 5,000 VDC

These high voltage capacitors feature a special internal electrode design which reduces voltage concentrations by distributing voltage gradients throughout the entire capacitor.This unique design also affords increased capacitance values in a given case size and voltage rating. The capacitors are designed and manufactured to the general requirement of EIA198 and are subjected to a 100% electrical testing making them well suited for a wide variety of telecommunication, commercial, and industrial applications.

AC Safety Capacitors

AC Safety Capacitors

Johanson Dielectrics Type SC ceramic chip capacitors are designed for AC voltage surge and lightning protection in line-to-ground interface applications in computer networks, modem, facsimile and other equipment.Johanson’s safety capacitor offering includes four different case sizes and NPO and X7R dielectric materials. These devices are surface mount ready with barrier terminations and tape and reel packaging.

Tip & Ring Chip Capacitors

Tip & Ring Chip Capacitors 250 & 300 VDC

The Tip & Ring MLCC series are designed specifically for telecom ringer circuit applications where it is necessary to provide a block of the line voltage (typically -48 VDC) while passing the AC ringing voltage. These compact ceramic SMD chips replace bulky leaded film caps saving board space and stream-lining the assembly process.

TANCERAM® Caps for Tantalum Replacement

TANCERAM® Capacitors for Tantalum Replacement

TANCERAM® chip capacitors can replace tantalum capacitors in many applications and offer several key advantages over traditional tantalums. Because TANCERAM® capacitors exhibit extremely low ESR, equivalent circuit performance can often be achieved using considerably lower capacitance values. Low DC leakage reduces current drain, extending the battery life of portable products. TANCERAM® high DC breakdown voltage ratings offer improved reliability and eliminate large voltage de-rating common when designing with tantalums.

Large Size MLC Capacitors

Large Size MLCC 50-5000 VDC

  • Rated Working Voltages from 50 to 15,000 VDC
  • Low ESR Ceramic Out-performs Tantalums
  • Compact MLC Designs Smaller Than Film or Disc
  • MIL-PRF-55681 & Hi-Rel Screened Versions Available
  • Custom Sizes, Voltages, and Values Available
X2Y® Filter & Decoupling Capacitors

X2Y® Filter & Decoupling Capacitors

X2Y® filter capacitors employ a unique, patented low inductance design featuring two balanced capacitors that are immune to temperature, voltage and aging performance differences.These components offer superior decoupling and EMI filtering performance, virtually eliminate parasitics, and can replace multiple capacitors and inductors saving board space and reducing assembly costs.

Chip Filter - Feedthru MLCC

Feedthru MLCC

Our Feed-Thru Capacitors provide excellent EMI, I/O & Power Line filtering exhibiting much lower inductance than standard SMT capacitors which results in broader frequency response.
These are Precious Metal Electrode (PME) products with higher current ratings than comparable Base Metal Electrode (BME) parts.

High Voltage PolyTerm® Ceramic Caps

High Voltage PolyTerm® Ceramic Caps

PolyTerm® is a conductive epoxy termination material loaded with silver, allowing it to absorb much more bending force than standard termination material. After termination PolyTerm® parts are nickel and tin plated using the same process as standard parts. There is no effect on solderability or capability to withstand the soldering process. PolyTerm® capacitors are ideal for use in telecom, power supply, inverter, and modem applications.

Tin Lead Plated MLCC Catalog

Tin-Lead Plated MLCCs

Johanson Dielectrics’ offers Tin Lead plated versions of all of our SMT MLCC products for high reliability, aerospace, and other applications where Tin whiskering is a concern. The plating is Tin Lead over Nickel barrier with 5% minimum Lead content. The Lead content of the plating in every manufacturing lot is verified using XRF method, and this data is available upon request. MIL-PRF-55681 and Hi Rel screened versions are also available. For values not shown please contact the factory.

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