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Littelfuse, Inc.

Littelfuse is the world leader in circuit protection offering Automotive Fuses, Automotive Circuit Protection, Fuses, Electrical Fuses, Thyristors and more.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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As the #1 circuit protection company in the world Littelfuse offers the largest selection of fuses available, including surface mount, axial, glass or ceramic, thin-film or Nano2® style, fast-acting or SloBlo®, MINI® and ATO® fuses. In fact, many of our fuse products are the industry standard. Companies across the globe rely on Littelfuse circuit protection solutions to enhance the safety and reliability of their products, safeguard sensitive circuits and protect critical business assets.

From popular consumer electronic devices like MP3 players, mobile phones and digital cameras, to home appliances, telecom infrastructure equipment and critical life saving medical equipment, Littelfuse has the right fuse product for virtually any application.

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