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soldermask, temporary, water soluble

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"ELV-AWAY" PRODUCTS TAPE is a water soluble, biodegradable temporary solder mask used in the assembly process of PCB manufacturing. The tape, after proper application, will prevent contact of the protected areas of the circuit boards with the molten solder. "ELV-AWAY" TAPE will protect desired areas including copper, gold, silver and solder surfaces during assembly and solder operations, then wash off in hot water. Solderability of the protected surfaces is not impaired and no residue is left after an aqueous wash process is completed.

solder masks, temporary, water soluble

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ELV-AWAY Products Tape

Applications include protection of gold fingers, component hold down, etc. Product list is available....

ELV-AWAY Products Dots

Die-cut dots. Made out of the same material as the tape. Applications include covering post insertion holes, etc....

ELV-AWAY Products Die-Cuts

Same as tapes. Special sizes and shapes are available upon request. Please call & discuss your particular need with us....

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