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Circuit board repair and rework services, tools and training.

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Circuit Technology Center is the worlds #1 choice for high reliability circuit board rework and repair services. During the past 20+ years Circuit Technology Center developed a variety of custom made tools and materials specifically designed for circuit board work.

Circuit Board Repair and Rework Services

The fact is, you simply can't eliminate the need for circuit board repair and rework. We're specialists in all aspects of pcb repair and rework and we have saved our customers millions.

Whether you need help with a thousand circuit boards or just a few, we can complete the job and get your pcb's back to you for a charge that's generally just a fraction of the circuit board's value. And every project is backed by our unconditional guarantee.

Before you consign circuit boards to the scrap barrel, call Circuit Technology Center, because today no company can afford to throw money away.

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Epoxy Kit

This kit contains 10 packages of clear, low viscosity, superior strength epoxy, precisely measured out into two-compartment plastic packages so it's easy to use and there's no measuring. Once cured, this epoxy makes an effective...

Coating Materials

Epoxy Kit

Flextac BGA Rework Stencils

New and unique self-sticking solder paste stencils. These laser cut, polymer stencils use a residue-free adhesive similar to Post-it� Notes. The self-sticking adhesive seals around each BGA pad to ensure that solder paste will not bleed under the...

Flextac BGA Rework Stencils

Professional Repair Kit

Looking for a kit to do it all! This is the most complete and versatile circuit board repair kit you'll find anywhere. This kit is used to repair plate through holes, damaged circuits, lands, surface mount pads, and gold edge contacts. It includes...

Professional Repair Kit

Soldering Skills Practice Kit

Are your new soldering and rework operators skilled enough to work on your valuable products? Have they practiced enough to go for certification? The best way to find out is to order our Soldering Skills Practice Kit....

Soldering Skills Practice Kit

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Circuit Technology Center Announces New Component Trim and Form Service

Nov 13, 2023 | Circuit Technology Center announces it has added the capability to trim and form electronic component packages to customers' exact pre-assembly specifications. They can also propose a trim and lead-form drawing if needed. Dedicated, custom tooling can be fabricated to meet custom package requirements.

Whitepaper Discusses Critical Process Steps for High-Reliability BGA Device Re-balling

Jul 19, 2023 | The re-balling of BGA components from lead-free to tin-lead solder is a critical requirement by some high-reliability customer applications due to tin-whisker mitigation concerns. This technical paper by Circuit Technology Center discusses the key process steps of this highly specialized process.

Circuit Technology Center Releases Updated Bonding System

Nov 12, 2021 | Circuit Technology Center announces it has released an updated version of its popular Bonding System.

Circuit Technology Center Commissions New XRF X-ray System

Aug 13, 2021 | Circuit Technology Center announces that it has recently purchased and commissioned an Oxford 980 X-Strata series XRF (x-ray fluorescence) system to support the testing of electronic components for restricted substances such as lead or tin above specified limits. The system can also verify the coating thickness. Defense base customers often require XRF verification testing of components after components have been processed through lead-free to leaded solder alloy exchange for tin mitigation applications. XRF testing may also be required to verify RoHS compliance of components that have been re-balled or re-processed for lead-free applications. In addition to XRF testing, Circuit Technology Center also supports ionic cleanliness testing, X-ray, Acoustic Microscopy, Solderability, and BGA ball shear testing services.

Breakthrough Concept to Bond Circuit Board Jumper Wires

Nov 12, 2008 | November 10, 2008 - Haverhill, MA � CircuitMedic's Flextac Wire Dots replace glues and adhesives with super-sticky tape specially designed and cut to permanently secure circuit board jumper wires. This unique wire tacking product consisting of pre-cut shapes of a thin, flexible polymer film coated on one side with a high performance, electronics grade permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. Flextac Wire Dots conform to the shape of the wire and the board surface providing a high strength bond to quickly and neatly secure jumper wires.

Flextac Self-Adhesive Stencils Simplify BGA Rework

Feb 26, 2001 | Innovative Flextac Stencils simplify BGA rework. These self-sticking laser cut, polymer solder paste stencils use a residue-free adhesive similar to Post-it Notes to seal around BGA pads to ensure that solder paste will not bleed under the stencil when the paste is applied. Disposable Flextac Stencils are easy to use and will not leave any residue on the board surface.

One stop service for all SMT and PCB needs

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