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Surface Mount Stencils.

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GLE is a trend-setting manufacturer of surface mount stencils, precision laser cut parts and photo chemical machined parts for the defense, medical, electronics, aviation, energy, telecommunications, and computer industries.

Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA


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Surface Mount Stencils.

Surface Mount Stencils.


Surface Mount Stencils.


Solder Paste Stencils

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Great Lakes Engineering, Inc.


Surface Mount Stencils. Description:

Laser Cut Stencils: Industry trend toward miniaturization is leading to finer pitch requirements, high tolerances, and greater repeatability. Our state-of-the-art laser technology enables our customers to experience positional accuracy unattainable with conventional technology. Through this process, we can manufacture a laser cut stencil with aperture openings down to .003 inches. For optimum paste release, all of our Laser Cut stencils are tapered to be a 1/2 mil.

Electroform Stencils: Electroforming technology - by definition - provides your manufacturing process inherent advantages over more traditional methods.

  • Remarkable precision and definition
  • Highly involved and complex designs
  • Repeatability
  • Tooling applications
  • No burrs or stress introduced into the material

Step Stencils: Great Lakes Engineering also offers step etching to help you decrease paste volume in specific areas on your stencil. This process is an elimination of partial metal thickness and is usually done when modifications to certain apertures cannot be made.

Mini Stencils: Great Lakes Engineering produces a wide variety of small, hand-held stencils. These can very from simple single-foil BGA rework stencils to more complex multi-foil framed stencils.

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