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N100 - PCB Nibbler

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N100 - PCB Nibbler

N100 - PCB Nibbler


N100 - PCB Nibbler



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N100 - PCB Nibbler - Video Demonstration

Singulate Straight Tab Routed Panels

  • Store cut tabs inside tool for discarding at operator convenience
  • Available with 3 blade types and choice of support dies
  • Clean cut - requires no rework for deburring PCB edges
  • Easy blade change in under 5 minutes
  • Cut tabs up to .324"

The N100 PCB Nibbler for tab routed printed circuit cards is ideal for low to medium volume production or as back up to your expensive capital equipment. Tabs are cleanly cut by placing them under the blade and stepping on the foot pedal. All that is needed is 80 to 100 PSI factory air. This tool is available with a standard support die or with the new sharp blade dieThe material from the tab is stored inside a compartment of the tool and can be easily removed at operator convenience. Just lift the clear front cover of the tool housing and discard the scrap.No secondary deburring operation is needed.

Blades are available for a variety of tab sizes and routing thicknesses. Standard thicknesses are .062" ( 1.5mm), .093" (2.375mm) and .120" (3mm). The standard blade will cut tabs of .189" (4.8mm). For longer tabs the .324" (8.22mm) blade can be used. A double edged blade is available for applications where it is necessary to cut in both directions. Standard blades are made of high speed tool steel. For longer life on thinner routed sections, blades are also available in Titanium. Blades can be ground to custom dimensions on request.


  • Dimensions: 7x4.5x4.5" (170 x114 x114 mm)
  • Weight: 6 Lbs
  • Air: 80-100 Psi

The N Series depaneling punch tools

The N Series  of depaneling punch tools is designed to cut tab routed panels, one tab at a time or  an entire board with one pass. Choose the most effective tool for your PCB singulation requirements.

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