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FKN Systek K2000XY

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Depanelizer Equipment and Tools For Electronic Assembly. PCB Racks and Trays. Wire Crimp Press and Tooling.

Millis, Massachusetts, USA


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FKN Systek K2000XY

FKN Systek K2000XY


FKN Systek K2000XY



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FKN Systek


FKN Systek K2000XY Description:

The FKN Systek  K2000 XY helps reduce damage from depaneling resulting from operator fatigue.

One of the major causes of board damage during PCB singulation is due misalignment or tilting of the PCB during the process. The support table on the K2000XY provides a steady platform to keep the PCB panel aligned perpendicular to the cutting blades. Additional tooling can be added to speed up the depaneling process and to make it less prone to damage caused by handling errors.

The double position support table shown here was designed to ease the singulation of two carrier strips from a SIM card. By keeping the cards resting on the support rail and tooling pins, while moving the support plate from one side to the other, it was possible to eliminate the problem of handling the loose panels that result when the first strip is removed. Tooling for linear blade depenlizers is also available.

PCB panels are singulated by passing the scoreline between two circular blades. Front and back blade guards assure operator safety. An adjustable upper front blade guide assures that only the scorelien can be pased to the cutting area.

When using the XY table, the operator places the PCB onto the guide rails of the table and bring the scoreline etween the top and bottom blade guards to pass it to the cutting area. The motor driven lower blade of the K2000 will pull the PCB through to separate the panels. Two cutting speeds are available for optimal PCB separation. Panels up to 12.5 inches long can be singulated. Blades are made of long lasting tool steel and can be re-shapened.

The toooling plate for Simm cards allows exact placement of the PCB matrix onto the moveable base. The plate is positioned on the right side for singulating the carrier strip on the left of the panels and then moved to the other side to singulate the remaining carrier strip. Adjustable end stops for the tooling plate allow for exact positioning of the scoreline with the circular blades. Tooling pins and support rails for either side of the panel guaranteee safe placement and support of the SIMM cards. The rails can be adjusted to insure that there is no contact with the components on the cards.

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