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Essemtec is a worldwide leader in manufacturing of highly flexible Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production equipment - pick-and-place system, dispenser, printer, oven, storage system and software Solutions.

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eMIS -Management Information Software

eMIS -Management Information Software


eMIS -Management Information Software



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eMIS -Management Information Software Description:

The new eMIS Management Software Suite for SMD production includes functions for job planning, feeder setup optimization, stock management, traceability, operational data analysis, line management and much more. With eMIS, managers and operators can keep track of actual, future and past production. Flexible interfaces simplify integration into the existing ERP and MES environment.

  • Production simulation and optimization
  • Stock management
  • Traceability
  • Line management

The software is a multi-functional tool box for maximizing productivity, minimizing changeover work and assuring the quality of an unlimited number of flexible SMT assembly lines.

eMIS is used to achieve these targets:

  • Cost reduction
  • Productivity increase
  • Changeover optimization
  • Quality assurance
  • Traceability
  • Operational data analysis

eMIS provides a fully graphical display of the actual machine and line layout and status. The status of the machines, the advance of jobs and other important figures can conveniently be checked on a distant office PC.

eMIS displays real-time information from machines using eeZ software, such as Cobra and Paraquda pick-and-place machines. After every event, for example a component picked or placed,actualized production data are available immediately for all eMIS terminals.

The new eMIS Management Software Suite knows actual feeder setup, planned jobs and component consumption of every machine, making it an ideal tool for planning new jobs as well as preparing and optimizing production.

Modular Functionality

The eMIS software package consists of multiple modules and add-ons that can be activated depending on user requirements. For example, a feeder setup place will require different rights and functionality than a planning terminal or the PC of the quality manager.

The available modules are called

  • Base
  • Traceability
  • Stock Management
  • Multi-Job
  • Operational data analysis
  • Line Management

Add-ons mainly deliver interfaces to other systems such as a Tower component storage system.

The “Interface Add-On” is an especially flexible tool. It allows eMIS to communicate with nearly any other system such as ERP or machine. It includes programming libraries for C#, C++ and Visual Basic, which allow interfaces to be adapted exactly to the local environment and requirements.

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