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CAD Design Software products run in the AutoCAD environment.

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CAD Design Software products run in the AutoCAD environment. Starting with the Electronics Packaging Designer, we have a diverse line of add-on modules and stand-alone products to fit your design needs. EPD is quickly becoming the preferred design package of choice for reasons of time-to-market and cost. EPD works under Windows 95/98/NT on a PC and is considerably easy to learn. The EPD software suite consists of tools to automate all aspects of Semiconductor Packaging, I.C. Testing, Microwave/RF, Power Supply, Flex, Analog and Digital PCB Design, including mechanical Packaging. If you know AutoCAD, EPD is learned in just hours.

SEMICONDUCTOR PACKAGING DESIGNER This module provides design tools for single and multiple-chip semiconductor BGA packages. Complex bond-wire attach patterns are automatically generated with equal length bond-wires or variable radii and variable distance and ten other pattern choices. Fanout includes assignment of connections to power and ground rings. Complex BGA patterns. Many complex software routines are provided for the special requirements of this new design discipline. RF DESIGNER This module has tools for RF and Microwave printed circuits. EPD was originally created as a RF/Microwave design system and it is still the best for these disciplines. Use zero width closed polyline polygons as intelligent nets. Microwave trace elements created parametrically. Pepper command places thousands of vias automatically. Coplanar grounds easily created, even on arced entities. Sophisticated ground plane pours. Interface software to EESOF and HP ADS is in the works now. I.C. TEST DESIGNER This module provides additional design tools for IC Test boards. Hierarchical Net Capture in Auto Schematic Capture and EPD match to enhance the design and checking of burn-in PCBs. Automatic test socket creates your special test socket. Automatic netlist maker creates netlists by picking connections from a dialog box. Pad stack editor inserts thermals on any pin at any level to create internal ground planes with minimal data size. Five ways to make ground planes. Automatic length tuning. FLEX DESIGNER This module provides design tools for flexible printed circuits. The flex module includes software for automatic generation of cover layers and parallel arcs. Automatic teardrop creation with control over included angle, fillet radius and distance to first bend. Unlimited geometries may be created with boundaries of zero width polylines or with thick polylines and all are fully DRCable. Automatic fillet command fillets all polyline vertexes at once using variable fillet control and on line DRC.

CAD Design Services, Inc.
CAD Design Services (CDS) was founded in 1985 by John Sovinsky as an RF/Microwave circuit board design and mechanical packaging service bureau. The business of designing custom printed circuit boards was profitable since the company was located near Silicon Valley. In 1989 the company was incorporated, and a business partner was added in 1994 to furnish operating capital for subsequent expanded software development operations of the company. Since that time, CDS's offerings have grown to include Semiconductor Packaging modules. Lead frame mounting, BGA, micro-BGA, flip-chip, and chip-scale mounting are some techniques covered at present by these modules and used by key industry leaders. Most recently, the ability to create the files required for manufacturing the packaging components was added to the output of these modules.

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EPD is the base system. Its tools automate PCB design. Parts are parametrically created and stored. The Place command searches libraries and loads parts into the netlist. Colored dynamically optimized rats aid parts placement. Routing with on-line...



This module contains all SMT Plus Inc. standard components in EPD/AutoCAD library form. Visual and parametric libraries are provided. Just point and select a desired component from the hundreds of parts available and insert it into your layout drawi...



Converts all AutoCAD entities to Gerber directly from AutoCAD. Instructions are stored in the drawing for future conversions. Blocks are auto-mapped to flash apertures. Any level of block nesting with unequal x, y scaling and rotation. All text.s...



This module adds creation of thick-film, thin-film, laminate and ceramic MCMs. Dies are easily captured from any type of data (faxed, standard data files or GDSII). Bonding pads made with any number of rows, straight or curved, fanouts using equal ...

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