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Gas Chromatographs, gas analyzer packages and specialty gas handling educational, laboratory and industrial gas applications


GOW-MAC´┐Ż Instrument Co. manufacturers and sells analytical instruments, gas analyzer packages and specialty gas handling equipment for user-specified applications for educational, laboratory and industrial gas applications. Systems are based on our complete line of GCs, point-of-use gas analyzers, and data reduction systems. Our line of instruments includes gas chromatographs and detectors, gas analyzers, gas leak detectors, total hydrocarbon gas analyzers, moisture analyzers, and specialty gas handling systems. Applications: industrial, corrosive and electronic gases; medical gases; natural gases; oil and petrochemical; flavors and fragrances; power, steel, and chemical industries; moisture analysis in corrosive streams; environmental; and much more

Gas Leak Detectors, Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers, GC detectors and filaments (TCD, FID, DID), Specialty Gas Handling Equipment: Specialty gas package lab systems; Specialty gas gravimetric scale mixing panels, oxidizer or fuel; Rack fill panels; Cylinder processing systems, oxidizer or fuel; TOG and COG systems and fill manifolds; Cylinder dryers; Cylinder rollers; analytical instrument training

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Gas Chromatographs

Percent to ppb level of impurity detection; single or dual detector; isothermal or temperature programmable; educational, laboratory or industrial applications; TCD, DID, FPD, PIP or FID detectors; corrosive & non-corrosive gas applications...

Gas Analyzers

Binary Gas Applications; continuous and non-continuous; corrosive and non-corrosive...

Series 100 HFAD Analyzer

Analysis of Impurities in Argon; Sensitivities: H2 20 ppb, CH4 50 ppb, O2 100 ppb, CO 500 ppb, N2 100 ppb...

Moisture Analyzers

Series 7100 Moisture in Gases Analyzer: detects H2O from 2-200 ppm - for corrosive or non-corrosive applications, i.e., argon, flourocarbons, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, phosgene, sulfur dioxide...

 Reflow System

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