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Advanced Materials' solid CVD SILICON CARBIDE� RTP/epi rings and susceptors and plasma etch chamber components are available for 200mm and 300mm wafer processing. CVD SILICON CARBIDE ideally satisfies the semiconductor process engineer's need for wafer-handling and chamber components which perform well at extremely high temperatures (>1500�C) and offer ultra-high purity (>99.9995%). Using a large scale chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process developed at Advanced Materials', CVD SILICON CARBIDE components can be fabricated in plate sizes up to 700mm x 700mm x 20mm and tubes and liners up to 600mm diameter x 600m

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Copper Electroplating Technology for Microvia Filling

May 26, 2021 | Mark Lefebvre, George Allardyce, Masaru Seita, Hideki Tsuchida, Masaru Kusaka, Shinjiro Hayashi

This paper describes a copper electroplating enabling technology for filling microvias. Driven by the need for faster, smaller and higher performance communication and electronic devices, build-up technology incorporating microvias has emerged as a viable multilayer printed circuit manufacturing technology. Increased wiring density, reduced line widths, smaller through-holes and microvias are all attributes of these High Density Interconnect (HDI) packages. Filling the microvias with conductive material allows the use of stacked vias and via in pad designs thereby facilitating additional packaging density. Other potential design attributes include thermal management enhancement and benefits for high frequency circuitry. Electrodeposited copper can be utilized for filling microvias and provides potential advantages over alternative via plugging techniques. The features, development, scale up and results of direct current (DC) and periodic pulse reverse (PPR) acid copper via filling processes, including chemistry and equipment, are described....

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