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M&M Associates represents manufacturers of electronic assembly capital equipment and assembly material systems for surface mount / thru-hole PCB's.

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Manufacturers' Representatives for the Southeast USA

Manufacturers' Representatives
Serving the Southeast since 1979

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Capital Equipment

BGA/SMD Rework & Repair Stations, Selective Soldering Machines, Fume Extraction Equipt., Man. & Semiauto Wirebonders, Man. & Auto SMD Componnent Tape & Reel Machines, Man. & Motorized Parts Counters, Peel Force Testers, X-Ray Equipt....

Electronic Assembly Materials

Cermet Thick Film Materials, Au & Al Wire for Wirebonding, Flip Chip Underfills, Encapsulants, Potting Compounds, Paste & Film Adhesives, COB Die Attach, Solder Alternatives, Conformal Coatings, Vacuum Pick-up Tool, W/B Capallaries and Die Collets...


Mixed Technology & SMT Soldering Training & Certification, Non-Destructive X-Ray Testing, Lead Form & Trim Services, Tape & Reel Services...

SMT Spare Parts and Feeders

High Precision SMT Fluid Dispensers