World Easy Development Ltd.

Manufacturing of PCBs, Printed Circuit Board, PWB, World Easy Development Ltd., Hong Kong

Manufacturer of Bare PCBs

World Easy Development Ltd. is a sole-trade company established since 1996 which specializes in the production of high-precision single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Our PCBs are widely used in the electronic industry and appliances such as medical equipment, data collectors, process controls and telecommunications.
To keep track on the technological trend and increasing demand of PCBs, we have recently expanded our production plant to 4,500 m2 and doubled our production capacity to 150,000 ft2 (100,000 ft2 for double-sided, 50,000 ft2 for multi-layer). In addition, we continuously increase our capital investment on advanced manufacturing equipment to improve production quality and enhance efficiency. Regarding our production force, we employ over 200 workers in China who are dedicated to the production of PCBs in supreme quality and on-time delivery. Therefore, we always fulfill customer requirements of prototypes and mass production according to given specifications.
World Easy Development Ltd. is dedicated to render excellent quality of products and services in terms of defective-free parts, on-time delivery, highest yields achievement, overall cycle time reduction as well as critical processes control. All our production processes are undertaken in compliance with international standards for quality management and assurance and we are a member of Underwriters Laboratories Listed.
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