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Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc.

Lightning Protection, Grounding and Surge Protection Worldwide Since 197119

Consultant / Service Provider

LEC provides systems engineering for lightning protection systems in 55 countries worldwide. We also provide design and engineering to OEM and end usres for grounding and Surge protection requirements. LEC manufactures and sells grounding, TVSS and lightning protection components.

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Systems Engineering

Hemi Arrays on Process Facility...

Grounding Products

Chem-Rod Grounding Electrodes...

AC Power Surge Protection

AC Sandwich Block Protection...

Data, Phone, Control Protection

Din Rail Mounted Protection...

IPC Certification Training Schedule

ITAR and Biomedical Electronic Manufacturing Facility Late-Model SMT Equipment: DEK, MyData, Heller & Nordson (25+) MyData/Agilis Magazines & (250+) Feeders Wave Soldering, Inspection, X-Ray, AOI & More