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KSW Microtec

Adhesive Flip Chip Technologies, Bumping Services (Pd, NiAu, polymer...), Assembly Services (Prototyping to High Volume)

Consultant / Service Provider

Interconnection Technologies, Advanced Packaging, Adhesive Flip-Chip Assembly, Interconnection Technology Development, Technology Transfer and Training, Assembly Services, Smart Card Packaging, Smart Label Packaging, High Volume Production, Wafer Bumping & Plating Service (NiAu, Pd...), Fine-Pitch-Track Printing, Chip-on-Board / Chip-on-Flex, Sensor Packaging, Transponder-Identification Systems, Low Cost Applications, Underfilling, Reliability Tests

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Adhesive Flip Chip Technologies

Technology Development...

Bumping Services

Technology Development and Bumping...

Assembly Services

Prototyping to High Volume Assembly...

SMT feeders

Global manufacturing solutions provider