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ONYX500DS Ultra Precision, Multi-Functional, Automated Dispensing

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Air-Vac is committed to producing the highest quality rework/repair, selective soldering/desoldering and assembly systems designed with the capability and flexibility required to meet changing customer and industry requirements.

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ONYX500DS Ultra Precision, Multi-Functional, Automated Dispensing

ONYX500DS Ultra Precision, Multi-Functional, Automated Dispensing


ONYX500DS Ultra Precision, Multi-Functional, Automated Dispensing



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Air-Vac Engineering Co., Inc.


ONYX500DS Ultra Precision, Multi-Functional, Automated Dispensing Description:

The new, ultimate multi-functional desktop dispensing system with a wide open application range for combined 2D (X,Y) and 3D (X,Y,Z) miniature fluid handling for manual, semi-automated or fully automated operations.


  • X/Y system with linear motors and linear encoders, substrates and objects are fixed (20 micron accuracy).
  • Distributed and synchronized, closed-loop motion system with optional GigE guided vision control system.
  • PC user interface with graphical dispense pattern editor (optionally import CAD data or Gerber data).
  • Vision support for teach operations, fiducial reading and to calibrate needle positions and verify results.
  • Time/pressure dispense head included with base package, optional precision micro screw of jet dispense.
  • Flexible board or substrate carrier for single or multiple image support, adjustable for different dimensions.
  • Purge station, strip-off station and manual camera calibration unit.
  • All process related parameters with automatic calibration method, based on system configuration.
  • Automatic needle offset calibrations for X, Y and Z axis (for X/Y offset calibration vision option is needed).
  • Dots, lines, geometric patterns 2D/3D
  • Needle cleaning unit, calibration and cleaning tape unit, up/down-looking height probes, weight scale.
  • Visual inspection, pattern can be inspected directly after material is deposited (with vision option).

Base: Time/Pressure Configuration

The system is ready to dispense using an internal time/pressure control system. The parameter time can be defined in the application program. The parameter pressure can be adjusted manually for easy setup (programmable option available). The time/pressure valve is close to the syringe and includes hold-back vacuum to prevent the syringe from dripping.

The following modules are included with this configuration:

  • ONYX500 Desktop with X 400mm, Y 400mm and Z 150mm
  • PC Control module with TFT monitor and RAID controller
  • VisualMachinesTM Software License (Application Software)
  • Time/Pressure dispense unit with internal controller
  • Time/Pressure dispense interface centered on Z-axis
  • Dispense purge station includes strip-off wire
  • Up-looking touch probe integrated within purge station
  • Packaging for desktop system

IP Desktop Dispenser: Dispense Head Options

The base configuration includes an integral time/pressure controller. This configuration can be upgraded with alternative dispense head types:

  • Precision micro screw dispense unit with rotary drive
  • Jet-dispense heads P-Dot, P-Jet CT (Liquidyn)
  • Jet-dispense heads (Picodostec-EFD Nordson or Vermes)

Each dispense head type can be configured application specific with multiple dispense head options. All dispense valves use the standardized Luer-Lock® interface for the syringe and for the dispense needles, where needles are needed. Different needle types, diameters and lengths are available. Syringe sizes of 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, or 50cc sizes are available. Third party dispense controller can be adapted with an integrated special interface.

Other available options include:

Dispense Needle Cleaning Station, Purge Tape, Process Control Weight Scale.

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