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DRS27 Large BGA Rework Station

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Air-Vac is committed to producing the highest quality rework/repair, selective soldering/desoldering and assembly systems designed with the capability and flexibility required to meet changing customer and industry requirements.

Seymour, Connecticut, USA


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DRS27 Large BGA Rework Station

DRS27 Large BGA Rework Station


DRS27 Large BGA Rework Station


Rework & Repair Equipment

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Air-Vac Engineering Co., Inc.


DRS27 Large BGA Rework Station Description:

Unparalleled Precision & Flexibility for Rework and Assembly of BGA, QFN, CSP, Flip Chip, PoP, 01005 and more

Key Features/Benefits:

Large BGA Rework Station - Offers high precision large BGA rework.

High Magnification, High Reslolution State-of-the-Art Vision System - Multiple field-of-view camera allows for extremely close-up viewing of all four corners plus center area of part/location for precision alignment.

Consistent, Precision Vision Alignment. Moveable X/Y head and Fized Board Locations - Assemblies remain at a fixed position in the carrier while the overhead robotic head picks, aligns and places components with an 18 micron placement accuracy.

Automatic Component Pick and Place. Motorized Z-Axis and Theta Rotation - Control motion via front mounted joystick control. Programmable component pick-up and adjustable force placement (grams).

Enhanced Force Placement - Load Cells Measure 20 - 2000 Grams

Programmable Cool Down. Integrated Board Cooling System - Bulit into the carrier, upper cool air injection bypasses heatinig element and air flows directly into nozzle (component).

New Expandable Carrier. Preheaters for all Assembly Sizes

  • Standard 3-zone preheater, 16" x 24" (XL assemblies)
  • Optional 2-zone preheater, 16" x 16"

Excellent Thermal Uniformity. High Efficiency IR Preheater

  • Insulated heating elements provide ultra-fast heat up (+/- 5 degrees C).
  • Black ceramic, high emissivity coating dramatically increases radiant energy to produce the significantly higher preheat temperatures required for lead-free rework.
  • Excellent for high thermal mass, military type assemblies (metal frames).

Flexible Bottom-Side Clearance. User Adjustable - Keep close for better performance - move away for up to 1.62" bottom-side clearance.

User-Friendly Software. 8 Thermocouple Channels - Profile assemblies with Thermal Tutor Software. "On-the-fly" temperature and air flow adjustments are standard. Profile library and master thermal templates are part of the software package.

All DRS27 Standard Systems include:

  • 3-Zone, High Efficiency 16" x 24" IR Preheater (7500 watts total)
  • Programmable Board Cooling System (Air-Knife)
  • 2000 Watt Top Heater
  • Cool-Air Injection (Nozzle)
  • Motorized Z-Axis and Theta Control
  • Multiple Field of View Vision with Top/Bottom LED Lighting, (X and Y motor drives)
  • 70 mm maximum component size
  • Board Carrier size 18"W x 24"D
  • Joystick operation for all motor controls
  • 8 Thermocouple Channels
  • Welded Steel Frame with Side Table
  • Adjustable LED Lighting for PCB
  • Thermal Tutor Software
  • DELL PC/Flat Screen Monitor, KEyboard and Mouse
  • Tool Kit and Board Supports

Also available:

DRS27-2Z with:

  • 2-Zone, High Efficiency 16" x 16" IR Preheater (5000 watts total)

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