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Rabbit 2000 Microprocessor

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Rabbit Semiconductor

Rabbit Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in microprocessors.

Davis, California, USA


  • Phone 530-757-8400
  • Fax 530-757-8402

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Rabbit 2000 Microprocessor

Rabbit 2000 Microprocessor


Rabbit 2000 Microprocessor

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Rabbit Semiconductor

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The Rabbit� is a high-performance, 8-bit microprocessor characterized by its fast number crunching ability and C-friendly instruction set. Software Development for the Rabbit is provided by Z-World's Dynamic C. The Rabbit runs at a maximum of 30MHz, and has numerous on-chip peripherals, including 4 serial ports and a battery backable time-date clock. The Rabbit features glueless interfacing to memory and I/O devices. Hardware system design is very easy. Using the Rabbit, you'll reduce system components and save significant production costs.

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