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Technology Seminars, Inc.

Serving the Educational Needs of Modern Technologies

Service Provider

Technology Seminars, Inc. is a group of highly experienced, well recognized leaders in all aspects of electronic packaging and interconnections, materials science and engineering, and other selected industry subjects, including engineering, manufacturing, quality, and covering mechanical, electrical, thermal and materials technologies for all levels of design and manufacture. TSI is associated with McGraw-Hill, Inc. in the McGraw-Hill/Charles A. Harper Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Series and the Materials Science and Engineering Series, with many TSI seminar instructors also serving as authors of books in these highly recognized series. For these and associated works, Charles A. Harper was awarded the International Electronics Packaging Society Special Achievement Award. TSI seminars are also taught publicly and at universities. Specialized seminars can be tailored to customer needs.

Modern Electronics Packaging
Ball Grid Array, Chip Scale, Flip Chip and Direct Chip Attachment Technologies
Ball Grid Array Technology
Advanced Hybrid and Multichip Module Packaging Technologies
Surface Mount Technology
Surface Mount Testing Technologies
Microvias and Other Advanced Printed Wiring Board Technologies
Electronic Packaging of High Speed Circuitry
Electronic Packaging of Microwave Systems
High Speed Digital Circuit Design
Mixed Analog/Digital Circuit Design
Integrated Circuits and Electronic Devices for Engineers and Managers
Modern Electronic Connectors and Technology
Materials for Electronics Packaging
Advanced Electronic Substrate Materials for RF and Microwave Circuitry
Plastics for Electronics
Conformal Coating Technologies
Reliability of Plastic Encapsulated Microelectronics
Modern Wire Bonding Technologies
Soldering and Cleaning for High Performance Electronic Packaging
Solder Joint Reliability in High Performance Electronic Packaging
Thermal Management for Electronic Systems
Mechanical and Thermomechanical Stress Behavior in Electronic Packaging
Vibration and Shock Management for Electronic Systems
Electrostatic Discharge Control in Electronics
Failure Analysis and Non-Destructive Testing for Electronics
Environmental Qualification and Stress Screening
Advanced Composite Materials for Electronic Packaging and Thermal Management
Modern Adhesives Technologies
Failure Mode Effects Analysis
Internal Quality Auditor Training

Stencil Printing 101 Training Course
PCB Assembly Supplies - ONLINE STORE
Component Placement 101 Training Course
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