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Founded in 1987, NovaStor Corporation is a leading developer and marketer of data management, data protection, and disaster recovery software for desktops and corporate networks.

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Founded in 1987, NovaStor Corporation is a leading developer and marketer of data management, data protection, and disaster recovery software for desktops and corporate networks. Through strategic partnering, the company gained marketing and technology access to world class encryption software, to effectively position the company as a major provider of desktop and network data protection solutions. NovaStor has developed a world-wide presence and an international reputation for quality and service. NovaStor's ever-expanding sales and distribution network spans 26 countries and includes over 80 prominent distributors. The Company's backup software products have become the preferred choice of leading OEM customers and agencies including Compaq, Siemens, Toshiba, IBM, Dell, Sony, SyQuest, Exabyte Corp, Fujitsu, Avatar, Hewlett Packard, IRS, Department of Defense and Inland Revenue (U.K.). Consistently Meeting Data Protection Needs with Breakthrough Products� Ten years ago, NovaStor began operations as a reseller of drives and software. The Company quickly identified limitations in the backup and disaster recovery utilities market and developed its own product--NovaBACKUP for DOS. Today, the product has evolved to become the industry's most comprehensive data backup, restore and disaster recovery solution for Windows 3.x, 95, NT, OS/2, supporting more than 450 tape backup drives. It is also the #1 selling backup solution within the major retail outlets in the U.S. and Germany. NovaStor has always been quick to anticipate customer needs and develop innovative products to address their requirements. As hardware, software platforms and operating systems began to quickly evolve during the 1980s, NovaStor successfully developed and brought to market two new products, NovaXCHANGE� -- a sophisticated data exchange software that enables companies to migrate to virtually any new system and still make full use of their existing data, and NovaBoot� -- the industry's first reliable disaster recovery application. The New Frontier: User Friendly Tools for the Enterprise� Product developments focused on the explosive growth within the corporate data protection market are continuously underway. Upcoming new product introductions from NovaStor offer the speed, sophistication and flexibility to make NovaStor the network backup company of choice. Capitalizing on the growing popularity of NT servers within the corporate network environment, NovaStor extended its data protection product line to offer client/server and network backup solutions for NT, Linux and NetWare environments. The Company's new NovaNET-WEB client/server software is the first Windows NT/98/95 solution that enables corporations to backup data residing on laptops or desktops, over Intranets or any Internet connection. The product uses a new and highly sophisticated rapid data backup and transmission technology (FastBIT) to offer revolutionary speed improvements over traditional full file transfer products. The new NovaNET 8 family of network backup products offer corporations data protection software for Windows NT, Linux or NetWare. The flagship product, NovaNET 8 Data Center will backup Windows NT, Linux and NetWare simultaneously with one product. NovaNet 8's distributed architecture improves network backup speed, data management, network management flexibility, and supports backup to tape drives located anywhere on the network. Strength, Growth and a Global Focus� NovaStor CEO Peter Means has set this aggressive company on a path of rapid growth. The company continues to focus its development efforts on delivering sophisticated data protection desktop and network software products that will continue to meet the needs of consumers, self-employed individuals, SOHOs, workgroups and Network Managers within small-to-large sized companies. NovaStor's mission has both an internal and external dimension. Internally, NovaStor has a friendly, fair, and creative workplace environment that respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work. Externally, NovaStor aspires to be the "insurance company" for the computer industry providing quality, competitively priced data protection products. It is well-poised to become a leading contender within the worldwide data protection utilities market that is estimated by IDC to be $1.05 billion in revenues and that is projected to grow by a compounded rate of 35% for data protection and security products over the next four years.

TapeCopy - which allows you to quickly move existing tape data from one tape format to another. TapeCopy can function with one or more tape drives for easy data migration, and tape duplication. TapeCopy can duplicate any tape with any tape format. With today�s growing number of tapes and tape drives and the speed of technology updates; TapeCopy makes it simple and easy to upgrade to keep up with the latest technology. NovaXchange - Powerful tape handling and data management utilities. Plug-ins provide the ability to Read/Write TAR/CPIO tapes and make multiple copies of tapes all in one pass.

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NovaNet-Web is a key component of an enterprise backup solution that enables all desktop and laptop users to backup and restore data immediately over the network. Utilizing the revolutionary FastBIT technology allows NovaNet-Web Clients to accomplish...


When your computer fails, or you find that a previously good file has been corrupted or lost, the last thing you want to do is spend hours finding the data and restoring your system. NovaBackup 6.6, have been designed to get you back up and running...

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