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Founded in 1987, NovaStor Corporation is a leading developer and marketer of data management, data protection, and disaster recovery software for desktops and corporate networks.

Simi Valley, California, USA

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When your computer fails, or you find that a previously good file has been corrupted or lost, the last thing you want to do is spend hours finding the data and restoring your system. NovaBackup 6.6, have been designed to get you back up and running fast, with minimum effort and minimum cost. For the budget conscious user, NovaStor has developed the lowest priced Windows NT backup and data protection software, now fully integrated into the Windows NT environment. For a limited time only, we've bundled NovaBackup 6.6 with InstantRecovery, to help you get back everything you want just the way you want it. Backup your servers or workstations to any media - hard drive, tape drive or removable disk. Backup to SCSI or IDE tape drives, floppy drives, QIC, flopticals, Magneto Opticals, ZIP's, JAZ, EZ's and many more.

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