Lutron Electronics Co Inc

Lutron Electronics is the world leader in the design and manufacture of architectural lighting.


For over three decades, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. has been recognized as the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of quality lighting control products. Our company was founded in 1961 by our Chairman, Owner and Director of Research, Mr. Joel Spira. Thirty-nine years and more than 11,000 products later we remain focused on our mission to conceive, manufacture and market products that contribute significant economic and social value by managing the visual environment. Economic benefits include improved operating efficiencies, reduced utility costs and increased lamp life. Social benefits include reduced energy consumption to help protect the environment while increasing human comfort and aesthetic appeal by varying the mood and ambiance at work, at home and in social settings. Lutron is the only company in the world which offers a complete spectrum of lighting control products:  wallbox lighting controls  commercial lighting control systems  home lighting control systems  fluorescent dimming ballasts  energy management systems  motorized window shades to control natural light. Lutron controls have been sold in over 90 countries around the world and are featured in numerous prestigious installations including Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, the White House, Landmark Tower in Japan, the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, and Millennium Dome in London. Lutron has international sales offices in Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Our products are manufactured in the United States, Puerto Rico and St. Kitts. We commit 10% of our annual sales revenue toward further research and development of new products. By developing new products through constant innovation, Lutron has sustained an average annual growth rate of 20% a year since the company�s inception. As we have steadily grown, we have nurtured individual initiative and afforded opportunities for personal growth through diverse work experiences. Lutron promotes flexible career paths and allows employees to move throughout the organization, gaining varied experience in all aspects of the business. Lutron�s fast paced environment requires outstanding people not only to meet present needs but also to strengthen the company for the future. We seek people who can grow as Lutron grows, taking on significant roles in all aspects our business. Lutron employees are highly energetic, enthusiastic people who have excelled professionally and thrive in a team oriented, consensus management-based environment. Please check out our website at for more information on Lutron�s history, product line and latest press releases.
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