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PH 100 Low Profile Infrared PCB Preheater

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A recognized developer of solutions for the assembly & repair of highly advanced electronics. PACE provides products/training for the soldering, rework & repair of pcb's, specializing in BGA rework, desoldering & fume extraction.

Vass, North Carolina, USA

Manufacturer, Standards Setting / Certification, Training Provider

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PH 100 Low Profile Infrared PCB Preheater

PH 100 Low Profile Infrared PCB Preheater


PH 100 Low Profile Infrared PCB Preheater


Rework & Repair Equipment

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PH 100 Low Profile Infrared PCB Preheater Description:

Rapid, Safe Soldering or Desoldering on High Mass, Heat-Sinking Assemblies

Do you repair thick multilayer printed circuit boards that are connected to metal ground planes? Avionics modules that are designed to dissipate heat? Heat-sinking pcb's and BTC (QFN's) utilizing lead-free alloys that seem to require a blow-torch to solder effectively? Then the PH 100 PCB Preheater is for you! The PACE PH 100 is a high powered (1600W), non-contact infrared (IR) underheating system with an ergonomic, low-profile design which permits operators to safely pre-heat PCB’s for fast, efficient soldering, rework or repair, even on the highest mass, thermally challenging, lead-free PCB’s.

PACE's PH 100's sleek, ergonomic low-profile design is perfect for use under a microscope

Why Use Bottom-Side Preheat?

  1. Promotes rapid solder reflow while preventing heat damage and thermal stress or shock 
  2. Ensures homogenous temperatures across package/PCB
  3. Decreases warping & maintains planarity of the rework site
  4. Reduces top-side temperature and dwell-time requirements
  5. Increases soldering iron tip-life by allowing lower tip temperatures

Advanced Features

PH 100's Magnetic PCB Holder is easily adjusted to a variety of height/size combinations

  • Magnetic PCB Holder: PH 100's Magnetic PCB Holder is easily adjusted to a variety of height/size combinations.
  • Ergonomic and Low Profile: Sleek, incredibly low working height (2.4"/60mm) improves operator comfort and reduces fatigue, perfect for under a microscope.
  • Four IR Emitters Provide 1600 Watts of Power: 4 Robust IR Heaters provide 1600W of power while glass-ceramic surface re-emits heat in uniform manner, providing fast and even preheating.
  • Internal or External Closed-Loop Temperature Control: Closed-Loop control by either internal sensor or external thermocouples which precisely monitor and control temperature on the PCB top or bottom-side.
  • Front & Back Heating Zones: Front and Back Heating Zone temperatures can be independently controlled, or turned off completely.
  • No Irritating Visible Light Generated: Glass-ceramic surface efficiently transmits heat without emitting an annoying glow or irritating visible light as other IR systems do.
  • Intuitive 3.5" Resistive Touch Screen Display: Provides easy adjustment of all operational, temperature and power settings - the operator can customize color scheme and button layout at will.
  • Large 300mm x 300mm (11.8" x 11.8") Heating Area: PH 100's glass-ceramic heating surface accomodates large assemblies as well as small or irregularly shaped boards.

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