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PACE IR 1000 Infrared BGA & SMT Rework Station

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A recognized developer of solutions for the assembly & repair of highly advanced electronics. PACE provides products/training for the soldering, rework & repair of pcb's, specializing in BGA rework, desoldering & fume extraction.

Vass, North Carolina, USA

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PACE IR 1000 Infrared BGA & SMT Rework Station

PACE IR 1000 Infrared BGA & SMT Rework Station


PACE IR 1000 Infrared BGA & SMT Rework Station


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PACE IR 1000 Infrared BGA & SMT Rework Station Description:

Infrared BGA & SMT Rework at a Price that Can't Be Beat!

The IR 1000 is a low-cost, remarkably flexible and effective rework system, capable of installing and removing passives, QFP's, SOIC's, PLCC's, MLF's, LCCC's, TSOP's, QFN's and BGA's. It is ideal for post assembly rework, repair, and low volume/short run production operations. Economical and easy to use, the IR 1000 delivers high-end functionality, moving far beyond expensive, bulky rework stations by offering unparalleled performance at an affordable price. It does not require heat-focusing nozzles, saving you thousands in additional costs. A microprocessor driven, semi-automated system that does not require an external PC, the IR 1000 allows for simple one zone profiles up to more complicated multi zone profiles and features PACE’s exclusive “Learn Mode” that assists the user with developing profiles. The unit uses a combination of IR top heating coupled with powerful IR bottom heating for an effective, repeatable heating process. An optional PC software package offers an easy operator interface and greater flexibility, allowing for profile management and graphing of temperature data.

IR1000 Low-Cost IR Rework Station for BGA's & SMT

Advanced Features

  • Powerful IR Reflow Head Does Not Require Nozzles: A medium/long wavelength infrared heater responds faster, with more power, than any ceramic or carbon IR emitter currently available.
  • IR Bottom-Side Preheater: The bottom preheater features an incredibly efficient, high power (400W), quick response quartz IR emitter.
  • Automated Active Cooling Fan: The system has an automated Active Cooling Fan that is activated simply by moving it into place, or manually actuated if desired.
  • Operator-Friendly Front Panel Design: Incorporates a non-complex, intuitive front panel design, which allows selection of programming functions, and control of process parameters.
  • Spring-Loaded Vacuum Pick Automatically Lifts Components: Spring-loaded Vacuum Pick can be used to automatically lift component off the PCB upon complete reflow and features theta adjustment.
  • Pik-Vac Component Handling Wand: The IR 1000 is fitted with a built-in vacuum handling wand that allows for manual removal or placement of SMD's, if required.
  • Laser Centering Indicator: A Laser Centering Indicator assists in positioning the component directly under the Heater Head and Vacuum Pick.
  • Magnetically Mounted Temperature Probe: A Temperature Probe is attached to a magnetic ball/yoke positioner to measure temperature on hard to reach spots on the PCB.

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