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PACE PRC 2000 SMT/Through-Hole System for Miniature/Microminiature Repair

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A recognized developer of solutions for the assembly & repair of highly advanced electronics. PACE provides products/training for the soldering, rework & repair of pcb's, specializing in BGA rework, desoldering & fume extraction.

Vass, North Carolina, USA

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PACE PRC 2000 SMT/Through-Hole System for Miniature/Microminiature Repair

PACE PRC 2000 SMT/Through-Hole System for Miniature/Microminiature Repair


PACE PRC 2000 SMT/Through-Hole System for Miniature/Microminiature Repair


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PACE PRC 2000 SMT/Through-Hole System for Miniature/Microminiature Repair Description:

Legendary Military Workhorse with Proven Reliability, Longevity & Durability

Utilized at all major US and International Military depots, you'll find the PRC 2000 at shipboard repair shops, mobile maintenance vans and thousands of intermediate maintenance facilities worldwide. The system is a venerable workhorse that has been available since the early 90's. System quality, reliability, longevity, durability and sustainability have been proven through millions of military operating hours. In fact, the PRC 2000 is a central component of the Navy's 2M Miniature/Microminiature Repair Program. The 2M Program provides the tools and techniques required for certified Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard electronic repair technicians to perform highly reliable, high quality repairs on complex circuit card assemblies. System, handpieces, tips, accessories and spare parts are extensively supported by National/NATO Stock Numbers (NSN's).

The Ultimate PCB Rework & Repair System

PRC 2000 Power Supply, called the PPS-400A
The PRC 2000 Power Supply is also known as the PPS-400A

The PRC 2000 can tackle just about any Thru-Hole, SMT application, and is well suited for multilayer repairs on damaged or prototype PCBs. Featuring 3 simultaneously active SensaTemp handpiece channels, a built-in paste dispenser, MicroChine for removing conformal coatings or grinding away PCB laminate, and pulse heat technology. The PRC 2000's Thermal Management Center powers and controls three SensaTemp handpieces simultaneously for safe, rapid installation and removal of virtually all surface mount and thru-hole components. It is fully self-contained with three separate pumps: one for desoldering, hot air jet and thermal pick handpieces; another for solder paste/liquid flux dispensing; and finally a separate pump for Pik-Vac Component Handling Wand. Other features include continuous automatic calibration, temperature setback/auto-off safety system, constant memory, password protection and more!

9 Primary Handpieces

PRC2000 applications images including soldering, desoldering, pulse heat, microchine

  1. SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor Desoldering Handpiece: renowned as the best continuous vacuum desoldering tool on the planet, the SX-100 Solder Extractor has been improved so that is does not clog!
  2. PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron: excellent for general purpose and heavy-duty soldering and SMT rework operations where high thermal capacity and flexibility are required.
  3. TP-65 ThermoPik Handpiece: provides safe, one-handed reflow and removal of a wide variety of QFPs in just seconds.
  4. TJ-70 ThermoJet Convection/Hot Air Handpiece: primarily used for safe, continuous flow of precision focused hot air for component installation and SMT land preparation, but also used to overcure epoxy or soften urethanes during conformal coating removal.
  5. TT-65 ThermoTweez Thermal Tweezer: provides safe, one-handed reflow and removal of both 2-sided chip or SOIC components, and PLCC's, LCCC's, QFP's and other four sided SMD components.
  6. PV-65 Pik-Vac Vacuum Wand: a component handling wand with finger actuated release for precise component pick-up & placement.
  7. LF-15 LapFlo/ThermoPart Handpiece: uses quick-connect, plug-in tips that allow for single point or multi-point (hot bar) soldering of flat packs, SOIC's and other extended lead devices. When used with the Thermal Parting Tip (shown in photo), it acts as a hot knife, overcuring epoxy conformal coatings for easy removal.
  8. MC-65 MicroChine Miniature Machining Handpiece: a lightweight, variable speed machining handpiece for milling, drilling, grinding and abrading of PCB's and precise circuitry and substrate repair as well as modification and conformal coating removal.
  9. TW-15 ResisTweez Resistance Soldering Tweezer: a "pulse-heat" handpiece that allows for fast resistance heating for soldering or desoldering of closely spaced connector pins, cup terminals and lugs.

Advanced System Capabilities

  • ESD-safe repair of any electronic module, PCB or PWB including multilayer and flexible printed circuits
  • Easy and safe removal of surface mount/thru-hole components from circuit card assemblies
  • High reliability soldering via conductive, convective, resistance and lap reflow soldering techniques
  • Clog-free desoldering using continuous vacuum Solder Extraction  - shop air not required
  • Conformal coating removal, including epoxy, urethane, silicone & acrylic ... even parylene coating
  • Precision drilling, grinding, abrading, routing, brushing and cutting, for conformal coating removal/pcb repair
  • Drilling Test Probe/Brake Probe capability for multilayer pc board excavation
  • Substrate repair, including burns and delamination
  • Damage-free thermal wire stripping for removal of all types of insulation, including Teflon
  • Self-contained solder paste and flux dispensing - no shop air needed
  • Built-in vacuum for vacuum/component handling wand

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