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KIC Reflow Process Index (RPI) Software

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KIC's provides products and services designed to improve a variety of thermal monitoring, profiling and process control applications.

San Diego, California, USA

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KIC Reflow Process Index (RPI) Software

KIC Reflow Process Index (RPI) Software


KIC Reflow Process Index (RPI) Software



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KIC Thermal


KIC Reflow Process Index (RPI) Software Description:

Managing the Ultimate Reflow Oven Output.

The KIC RPI helps manage reflow ovens to consistently maximize the desired results. In addition, the RPI provides process deficiency information in order to help users correct their defect issues quickly.

There is SPI for Screen Printing. AOI for Pick and Place. Now there is RPI (Reflow Process Inspection) for the Reflow Oven. KIC's RPI provides production reports such as yield analysis, DPMO, Pareto Charts, Cpk and much much more. When RPI is used in tandem with batch X-Ray, instead of inspecting PCBs post reflow at random, let RPI flag those boards that were not processed to your reflow process specification.

The RPI is an automatic system that, once programmed, works in the background without any operator involvement.

Its capabilities include:

  • Provides process deficiency information to help correct defect issues quickly
  • Shares all pertinent process and production data in real-time
  • Automatically profiles each and every PCB
  • Provides instant alarm for out-of-spec situations
  • Automatic SPC charting, including Cpk
  • Process traceability down to individual PCBs
  • Prevents human error such as production of the wrong PCBs or wrong oven recipe settings (bar code required)

The KIC RPI improves quality and throughput, and is universally applicable because it is independent of the oven model, production lines, personnel, PCB types, and even factory.

Managing the Ultimate Reflow Oven Output

A reflow oven is a very busy machine striving to control multiple variables while heating and cooling PCBs. The purpose of the oven, however, is very simple.

  1. To create a specific PCB profile
  2. To maintain required throughput.

The KIC RPI optimizes both of these outputs while sharing the data on a continuous basis with the authorized personnel.

Fail-Safe Operation

  • There are numerous opportunities for mistakes and defects to occur in the reflow process. Human errors include loading the wrong oven program or loading the wrong PCBs. The RPI’s bar code capability prevents such mismatch.
  • Another common defect occurs when the process drifts out of spec or out of control. The RPI will immediately alert the responsible personnel of such occurrences and can shut down the infeed conveyor if desirable.
  • SPC charts will alert the engineer of upcoming trouble, typically when the reflow oven is still operating within spec.

Bottom Line

The RPI indexes the single most important output of a reflow oven, namely how well the profile conforms to the required spec. This index is independent of type of oven, PCB type, personnel, and even geographical location. The profile index along with yield and production data is shared with the responsible personnel in such a way that the production ovens can maintain an efficient operation. The RPI is designed to improve production quality by ensuring that each and every PCB is processed in spec. The RPI will reduce cost through improved uptime, reduced scrap and rework, and minimize labor input.

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