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KIC 24/7 Wave - Wave Solder Process Software

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KIC's provides products and services designed to improve a variety of thermal monitoring, profiling and process control applications.

San Diego, California, USA

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KIC 24/7 Wave - Wave Solder Process Software

KIC 24/7 Wave - Wave Solder Process Software


KIC 24/7 Wave - Wave Solder Process Software


Wave Soldering

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KIC Thermal


KIC 24/7 Wave - Wave Solder Process Software Description:

Automatic Profiling, SPC and Traceability for Wave Solder

The KIC 24/7 Wave brings an innovative level of automation to the wave solder process: around-the-clock monitoring, SPC charting, analysis, documentation, and production traceability - ALL in a single, easy to use product.  Continuous tracking occurs in the background, never interrupting your production.  The real-time process data enables engineers and managers to make crucial cost containment and quality control decisions.

Automatic Profiling

The KIC 24/7 Wave includes dual custom 14-TC KIC Probes installed inside the wave solder machine at the product level.  The probes run the length of the preheat section and gathers real-time process data. The KIC 24/7 uses this data to automatically calculate the preheat profile for every product manufactured.

Automatic SPC Charting

Process data is automatically charted for all critical process specs: maximum preheat temperature, soak time, slope, wave temperature, etc. The data is plotted on real-time control charts and Process Capability (Cpk) is calculated for each specification. Any process drift outside of control limits or defined Cpk value will trigger a warning. The overall Process Window Index (PWI) is also charted, providing a real-time Cpk for the entire preheat process. Any out-of-spec process (PWI is over 100%) will immediately trigger an alarm that can shutdown the in-feed conveyor. Automated real-time SPC helps identify potential defects before they happen.

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