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KIC K² Mobile Profile Setter

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KIC's provides products and services designed to improve a variety of thermal monitoring, profiling and process control applications.

San Diego, California, USA

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KIC K² Mobile Profile Setter

KIC K² Mobile Profile Setter


KIC K² Mobile Profile Setter



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KIC Thermal


KIC K² Mobile Profile Setter Description:

Conveniently view and share profiles on mobile devices.

The K² is available both as a standard “passive” profiler as well as an “active” profiler in the same unit. The passive profiler measures and displays the myriad of time/temperature data for the profile on a PCB and displays it in an easily accessible manner. The standard Mobile Profile View App transmits the information from the PC wirelessly to a mobile device for the ultimate in viewing convenience and accessibility.

Designed to be robust and compact, the K² will fit through the tight, heated chambers often found in lead-free production and is priced competitively for the mid-range market. The K2 also is available with automatic prediction software that suggests the best oven recipe to position the profile deep inside the established process limits.

K² Advantages

  • Robust Hardware
  • Ease of Use
  • Oven Setup Software
  • Viewing on Mobile Devices
  • 24 Hour World Class Customer Support

New Generation Mid-Range Profile Setter

  • New generation profile setter replaces the last of KIC’s older technology profilers
  • Competitively priced for the mid-range market

Compact and Robust Hardware

  • The K² will fit through the tight heated chambers often found in lead-free production
  • 7 TC unit dimensions:
    • 206 x 60 x 17 (mm)
    • Shield: 302 x 75 x 23 (mm)
  • 9 TC unit dimensions
    • 206 x 75 x 17 (mm)
    • Shield: 312 x 90 x 23 (mm)
  • Durable hardware designed to withstand rough production environments

Fail-Safe Operation

  • Automatic start when temperatures are below a specified ‘start’ trigger, protecting the K² and assuring consistent starting points and repeatable profiles
  • Hardware designed for accurate measurements
  • Engineer sets quality and productivity related parameters:
    • PWI level
    • Minimum/maximum allowable conveyor speed
    • Maximum peak temperature,etc.
  • For use by operators, technicians and engineers

Oven Setup Software

  • KIC’s optimization software does a complete search for all possible combinations of oven zone temperatures and conveyor speeds. It selects the very best oven setup for each new product within seconds
  • User selectable setup criteria focuses on positioning the profile towards:
    • the center of the process window
    • maximum conveyor speed
    • minimum oven electricity usage

Instant and Objective Profile Analysis

  • KIC’s famous Process Window Index (PWI) explains how the profile fits the established process window, with a single number:
    • PWI above 100 = profile out of spec
    • PWI at 100 = profile right on the spec limit
    • PWI below 100 = profile in spec
    • PWI at 0 = the exact center of the process window
  • Immediate profile analysis
  • Objective and personnel-independent profile analysis
  • Outlying profile data made visible

Accessing the K² Profile Data on the PC or Mobile Device

  • The profile data can be displayed in two ways:
    • On the oven PC or profiling PC
    • On an Authorized Android mobile device
  • Convenient sharing function for selected profile data

Technical Support 24 Hours Every Day Everywhere, Risk Free Guarantee All KIC products are designed to give maximum value and fast payback by streamlining your thermal process. Investment in a KIC product is a step toward total process control and quality management. All KIC products come with a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. For more information on any of our products or service please visit us on the Web at: or

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