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FiberOptic 7010 - Cutting Machine

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Schleuniger, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wire processing equipment. Our innovative automatic and semi-automatic machines are designed to cut, strip, crimp and mark all types of wire and cable.

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FiberOptic 7010 - Cutting Machine

FiberOptic 7010 - Cutting Machine


FiberOptic 7010 - Cutting Machine


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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Schleuniger, Inc.


FiberOptic 7010 - Cutting Machine Description:


The low-cost FiberOptic 7010 cuts and removes the Kevlar material of fiber optic cables with complete accuracy to a remaining length between 3 and 60 mm (0.12 and 2.36").

  • Economic solution for cutting of Kevlar strength members
  • Precision cutting
  • Extremely light
  • Easy handling


  • Kevlarfasern
  • Kevlar
  • GOF (Glass Optical Cable)
  • Duplex Glass Optical Fiber

Processing Capabilities

  • Round Cable Applications

Application Range

The FiberOptic 7010 Kevlar cutting machine cuts and removes Kevlar fibers from optical fiber wires. Kevlar, used as a strength member, is very hard to cut with common tools, such as scissors. The patented system easily separates and draws the Kevlar into the cutting head, where it is severed. An efficient vacuum system with a micro pore filter disposes of the separated Kevlar, ensuring that no fibers can reach the respiratory organs. The built-in vacuum system separates the Kevlar strands from the fiber optic wire and positions them in the cutting head. A pneumatic initiated stroke of the cutting blade onto the anvil accurately severs the fibers. The number of cutting strokes can be adapted to the thickness of the material.

Setting up the FiberOptic 7010

  • Select the cutting length of the remaining Kevlar fiber by means of the adjustable stop
  • Select distance between cutting blade and anvil (depending on the length of the projecting buffered fiber)

Kevlar Cutting Process

  • Insert cable to the stop
  • Press foot pedal half way (activates vacuum system)
  • Depress foot pedal all the way (activates the cutting process)
  • If required, repeat process by pressing foot pedal again
  • Upon releasing the foot pedal the vacuum system automatically switches off


Processing of all cables containing a Kevlar strength member

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