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EcoStrip 9300 - Cut & Strip Machine

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Schleuniger, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wire processing equipment. Our innovative automatic and semi-automatic machines are designed to cut, strip, crimp and mark all types of wire and cable.

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA


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EcoStrip 9300 - Cut & Strip Machine

EcoStrip 9300 - Cut & Strip Machine


EcoStrip 9300 - Cut & Strip Machine


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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Schleuniger, Inc.


EcoStrip 9300 - Cut & Strip Machine Description:


The all-electric EcoStrip 9300 efficiently and precisely processes round cables and wires up to 6 mm (0.235") outer diameter and flat ribbon cables up to a width of 13 mm (0.511") with a stripping length up to 999.9 mm (3.28 ft).

  • Exceptional price to performance ratio
  • Processing of short cables
  • Window strip capability
  • User-friendly operation

Processing Capabilities

  • Cutting
  • Cutting & Stripping Short Mode
  • Cutting to Length
  • Jacket Stripping
  • Stripping
  • Marking
  • Single Conductor Applications (1 step)
  • Zip Cord Applications
  • Multilayer Applications
  • Shielded Cable Applications
  • Coax Cable Applications

Application Range

The EcoStrip 9300 is an economic efficient automatic cut & strip machine. Wide application range, high productivity, simple operation and the well-known Schleuniger stripping quality are the main features of this machine. The EcoStrip 9300 also proves that good technology does not have to be expensive. The EcoStrip 9300 may be combined with Schleuniger system components for the construction of a complete production line.

  • Cutting to length
  • Full or partial strip
  • Window strip
  • Processing of flat ribbon cable
  • Multiple wire processing for higher throughput


  • Special guides and cutting blades allow simultaneous processing of two or four wires
  • Short mode belt type unit for processing of very short wires
  • Set of special guides enables processing of flat ribbon cables

Customer Benefits

  • Quick programming (complete wire library with default values in mm² and AWG)
  • Simple operation due to LED-programming guide and display
  • Quick change guide
  • Integrated wire jam detector and out-of-wire sensor
  • Special cable processing (e.g. flat ribbon cable)

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