JRE Incorporated

Quick Turn, High Quality Electronic Contract Manufacturing


Since 1977, JRE has grown to be one of the most successful, global suppliers of products to OEMs in electronics manufacturing services.  Together our team of professionals has more than 40 years of combined experience in the industry, and a shared commitment to customer satisfaction.  Our state of the art facility and skilled staff have the capabilities to manufacture products ranging from simple plated through hole and hybrid boards to sophisticated single and double sided surface mount assemblies.  The high degree of technical competancy allows us to reduce the manufacturing cycle time and provide finished product in the shortest possible time frame.  At JRE, we deliver on our promise by providing competitive pricing and on-time delivery that meets and exceeds the highest standards. 
ITAR and Biomedical Electronic Manufacturing Facility Late-Model SMT Equipment: DEK, MyData, Heller & Nordson (25+) MyData/Agilis Magazines & (250+) Feeders Wave Soldering, Inspection, X-Ray, AOI & More

Electronics Equipment Consignment