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JX-100 LED Compact LED Assembly

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Juki Automation Systems Inc. is one of the worlds leading SMT placement companies with over 45,000 machines installed worldwide and is the pioneer of the modular automated assembly line. see for more info.

Morrisville , North Carolina, USA


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JX-100 LED Compact LED Assembly

JX-100 LED Compact LED Assembly


JX-100 LED Compact LED Assembly


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Juki Automation Systems


JX-100 LED Compact LED Assembly Description:

Compact High Speed Mounter for LED placement at low cost.

Compact but with 800×360 mm long board size capacity, the JX-100 LED is a low cost placement solution for notebook PCs, LCD monitors, and a wide variety of lighting equipment.

  • Superior Flexibility
  • High Speed Installation Functionality
  • Compact and Less Weight
  • Superior Versatility
  • User Friendly
Long Board Option
By applying the board twice, the mounter is applicable to long boards of up to a maximum of 800 mm x 360 mm, achieving a low-cost solution for LED chip installation for such fast-growing markets as laptop computers, LCD backlights and lighting equipment.
Nozzles for LED components
JUKI offers a variety of nozzles for the assembly of LED components.

Placement head
multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles)

Placement rate (max.)
19,300 cph laser centering (optimum)
15,300 cph laser centering (IPC 9850)

Component range
0201 to 33.5 x 33.5 mm

Component height (max.)
12 mm

Placement accuracy
±50 μm (Cpk ≥ 1) laser centering

Board dimension (max.)
800 x 360 mm

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