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JUKI RV-1 PCB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI)

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Juki Automation Systems Inc. is one of the worlds leading SMT placement companies with over 45,000 machines installed worldwide and is the pioneer of the modular automated assembly line. see for more info.

Morrisville , North Carolina, USA


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JUKI RV-1 PCB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI)

JUKI RV-1 PCB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI)


JUKI RV-1 PCB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI)



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Juki Automation Systems


JUKI RV-1 PCB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI) Description:

Equipped with a "Clear Vision Capturing System", the RV-1 is capable high-speed and high-precision inspection.

The RV-1 captures super clear images using a large sized ring light and coaxial light and enables easy operation by using a newly developed "Template Mode".

Clear Vision Capturing System

The World's Top-Class High Performance

Compared to SI-V200 model this machine has an enlarged light unit, a modified angle of the lowest tier light, coaxial light and a 4 mega pixel CMOS camera capturing super clear images at a high speed. This reduces false calls drastically and saves man-power.

0.14 sec/frame Inspection Speed

High frame-rate camera, twin linear motor and high-speed image processing enables a high-speed inspection of 0.14 sec/frame.

Easy Programming

By using combinations of templates, operators can reduce the time spent on preparing inspection programs. "Template mode" enables beginners to program easily.


  • Board dimensions (max.): 510 x 590 mm
  • Component Range: 0201 (01005 optional), cylindrical chip, tantalum capacitor, transistor, SOP/QFP, etc.
  • Inspection Speed (max.): 0.14 seconds per frame
  • Resolution: 15 μm (standard resolution), 10 μm (high resolution option)

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