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JUKI GL Fully Automatic Screen Printer

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Juki Automation Systems Inc. is one of the worlds leading SMT placement companies with over 45,000 machines installed worldwide and is the pioneer of the modular automated assembly line. see for more info.

Morrisville , North Carolina, USA


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JUKI GL Fully Automatic Screen Printer

JUKI GL Fully Automatic Screen Printer


JUKI GL Fully Automatic Screen Printer



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Juki Automation Systems


JUKI GL Fully Automatic Screen Printer Description:

High Value Stencil Screen Printing Solutions from JUKI.

The GL printers utilize a patented mathematical calculating algorithm to ensure the machine’s high accuracy print alignment that easily achieves 01005 (0402 metric) printing.

Vision and Optics System

The simultaneous up/down Optical Structure large resolution (1.3 megapixel) digital camera enhances the image’s resolution and accuracy supporting the demands of high precision printing.

Automatic PCB Thickness Control

Uses linear motor drives to perform the dynamic adjustment of the lift table. This superfine motion and lock mechanism maintains higher precision during the printing process.

Individual front/rear, Self-Adjusting, Motorized Programmable Floating Print Heads

Designed to meet the need of different pressures on the front and rear squeegees and the requirement of the squeegee’s leveling stability, this feature prevents solder paste leakage.

Wiper System

The stencil cleaning has 3 modes: Wet, Dry, Vacuum. Each mode can be programmed individually or combined in any way. If auto cleaning is not necessary, the system allows manual cleaning within its operation menu, which shortens cleaning time and improves production efficiency.

Lift Table

Solid Cast Lift Table designed to meet the rigors and demands of a 7x24 year round manufacturing environment.


  • Max. PCB size: 510mm (L) x 510mm (W)
  • Rigid and stable machine body structure (Weight: 1,200Kg)
  • Adjustable stencil frame size (Min: 480x500mm, Max: 737x737mm)
  • Adjustable Frame Thickness
  • Auto conveyor width adjustment
  • Patented PCB “Flexible Auto Clamp” (FAC) system
  • Stencil Position Memory (SPM) function for easy and quick change-over
  • Auto stencil cleaning (Dry/Wet/Vacuum)
  • Automatic 2D paste inspection
  • User friendly, Window XP OS, intuitive operation.

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