AVX Corporation

A leading international electronic supplier of components and connectors with worldwide manufacturing facilities, offering the world's broadest selection of passive electronic components.

AVX has three business units. Passive Components includes electrical components for automotive braking, cell phones, copiers, hearing aids, and locomotives. KED Resale sells Kyocera products including ceramic and tantalum capacitors. Connectors are used in the automotive and medical industries.

AVX Corporation Postings

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Cracks: The Hidden Defect

Aug 15, 2019 | John Maxwell

Cracks in ceramic chip capacitors can be introduced at any process step during surface mount assembly. Thermal shock has become a "pat" answer for all of these cracks, but about 75 to 80% originate from other sources. These sources include pick and place machine centering jaws, vacuum pick up bit, board depanelization, unwarping boards after soldering, test fixtures, connector insulation, final assembly, as well as defective components. Each source has a unique signature in the type of crack that it develops so that each can be identified as the source of error....

Hermetically Sealed SMD Tantalum Capacitors

Dec 15, 2011 | I.Zednickova, M.Biler, J.Petrzilek, T.Zednicek

manganese dioxide or conductive polymer cathode. Higher stability is achieved by placement of the capacitor into an SMD case filled by an inert atmosphere and hermetically sealed. The long term stability testing performed on such hermetically sealed capac...

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AVX Expands USB Series Transient Voltage Suppressors with 0402 Case Size

May 19, 2003 | The USB Series offers problem free solderability characteristics as well as excellent electrical performance

AVX Records Quarterly Loss Amid Weak Industry Demand

Apr 17, 2002 | Expects Sales to Rise About 5 Percent in the Quarter Ending June 30

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