Assembleon manufactures a range of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement equipment, Pick & Place Machines and provides related services.

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

Pick & Place solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry

Assembléon is a global supplier of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Pick & Place solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Assembléon is a trustworthy partner, providing full application support, training and services. We offer a product that can be easily integrated into your manufacturing environment, ensuring your equipment runs competitively at all times. Our customers include some of the leading players in industries such as consumer, personal computer and automotive electronics, as well as more specialized fields like module manufacturing and semiconductor backend.

All levels of electronics manufacturing, from prototyping to high volume

To meet today’s electronics manufacturing challenges, Assembléon’s product series focus on performance and flexibility. With the X-Series, A-Series and M-Series pick and place machines, we cover every level of electronics manufacturing, from prototyping to very high volume. But our promise of flexibility doesn’t end with the modular Pick & Place systems. We are committed to working with you to jointly defining the best solution, whether that is a single machine, a complete line or an entire manufacturing plant. By combining state-of-the-art systems with tailored, performance-enhancing services, Assembléon provides you with advanced solutions that help your business stay ahead.

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A-Series Hybrid - SMT Pick & Place System

Reduce your SiP, MCM and flip chip production costs Where different equipment were used to place chips and known good dies for manufacturing of SiP, MCM and high performance flip chip modules,  this can now be d...

Pick & Place

A-Series Hybrid - SMT Pick & Place System

iFlex - SMT Pick & Place System

An intelligent and flexible pick & place solution that fits to every PCB assembly need. Improving your line throughput by more than 30%, at almost zero defects! Deliver the right quantities at the highest quality...

Pick & Place

iFlex - SMT Pick & Place System

MCP - SMT Screen Printer

High precision, high speed printing Reducing the cost of  quality has a high priority within manufacturing. Half of all manufacturing defects are printer related. Costs can be significantly reduced and end-of-li...


MCP - SMT Screen Printer

AX-201 - SMT Pick & Place System

For High Accuracy With a Wide Component Range The AX-201 offers a no-compromise combination of high placement accuracy, extremely wide component range and fast placement rate. This makes it ideally suitable for eit...

Pick & Place

AX-201 - SMT Pick & Place System

Pick & Place Equipment - X-Series

Cost-effective Pick & Place for high-mix, small batches The X-Series accelerates the route from CAD data to first products. It comprises highly cost-effective, all-in-one solutions for small and medium batch sizes with a h...

Pick & Place

Pick & Place Equipment - X-Series

AX-301 / AX-501 SMT Pick & Place System

Scalable Output - High first pass yield – Multifunctional - Flexible With software optimizing factory processes efficiently, the AX-301 and AX-501 can simply be blended within your factory. The truly modular single sided conc...

Pick & Place

AX-301 / AX-501 SMT Pick & Place System

Pick & Place Equipment - M-Series

Flexibility and accuracy for complex component mixes The M-Series provide an optimum solution for manufacturing medium and large batches in high product mix environments. For mainstream solutions, Assembléon offers 4 co...

Pick & Place

Pick & Place Equipment - M-Series

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Why Sacrifice Throughput For Change-Over Time?

Mar 01, 2012 | Eric Klaver, Senior Product Manager

The struggle to survive in the world of manufacturing is prompting many volume-driven manufacturing sites in the west to specialize in small batch manufacturing. The aim is to bring value to their customers with fast-turnaround prototyping and reduced int...

Are Separate Solder Flip-Chip Bonders Still Required?

Oct 13, 2011 | Eric Klaver, Senior Product Manager, Assembléon. Patrick Huberts, Product Manager Semicon Market.

Increasing miniaturization is now encouraging manufacturers of handheld devices to stack bare dies or packages. As the process of manufacturing modules requires placing both passives and (stacked) bare dies, these two types of placement are merging very quickly into a single platform. That raises the question of whether SMT equipment will take over from traditional die bonders....

Production Line Dynamics: What Count Is What Actually Comes Out Of Your Line

Jul 21, 2011 | Eric Klaver, Senior Product Manager

In high-volume production, it is the price of the end product that matters. Purchasing decisions for production equipment therefore usually boil down to price divided by output modified by some efficiency factor....

Improve Margins By Reducing Rework - A Benchmark Comparison

May 19, 2011 | Sjef v. Gastel, Manager of Advanced Development, Assembléon

Electronic equipment manufacturers know that rework and scrap cost them money, but rarely know just how much. Calculating it is relatively straightforward knowing the production line’s First Pass Yield (FPY), though....

Assembling the Next Electronic Equipment Generations.

Nov 12, 2010 | Sjef v. Gastel, Manager of Advanced Development, Assembléon

Product roadmaps can look like largely theoretical constructs, but assembly requirements five or ten years down the line have very practical importance. Pick & place machines have a life of seven years or more, so they should be working up to 2017 or beyo...

01005 Production Goes Industry Wide

Jul 29, 2010 | Satoshi Kataoka, Eric Klaver

The introduction of the 01005 chip components in 2004 was a challenge to the whole electronics equipment assembly industry. The components’ miniature size made them difficult to see, let alone place reliably with high accuracy. Designers were reluctant to...

Sustaining a Robust Fine Feature Printing Process

Nov 24, 2009 | George Babka; Assembléon, David Sbiroli, Chris Anglin; Indium Corporation, Richard Brooks, Christopher Associates

With the introduction of 01005 chip components and 0.3 mm pitch CSP devices, electronic component packaging is pushing surface mount technology to the limits of its potential. Miniaturization is driving the electronics industry to implement the smallest and tightest pitch components in order to meet their customer demands. But how much miniaturization is possible before there is a paradigm shift in the technology? At what point is solder paste no longer viable? How small of a feature can be printed with solder paste, and can this process be implemented into a production environment?...

Model Management for Predictive Accuracy

Sep 02, 2009 | Accuracy Competence Management, Assembléon BV.

The current trend of miniaturization in products and substrates is expected to continue in most advanced electronic products. Telecommunication and computer applications typically need high density connection boards incorporating smaller passive components, finer pitch IC’s and area array packages. The key factor in the technically successful evolution is the development of new interconnection processes, such as the use of conductive adhesive with very fine grained inter-connection materials....

The Environmental Impact of Pick-and-place Machines

Aug 12, 2009 | Sjef van Gastel

Energy labels are a key part of global attempts to reduce consumption of environmental resources. They inform customers of the future consequence of their purchases. There are now many national and other energy labels covering houses, cars, lamps, washing machines and dryers, air conditioners, etc. The EU Energy using Products (EuP) directive also is working on classifying industrial applications to set rules for future energy reductions. These rules are at least three years away; until then, there are no energy labels for industrial manufacturing equipment....

A New Angle on Printing

Jun 25, 2009 | George Babka, Scott Zerkle; Assembléon Americas, Frank Andres, Rahul Raut, Westin Bent; Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials, Dave Connell; Research in Motion.

Although blade contact angle is a critical stencil printing parameter, screen printers have so far been unable to vary it "on-the-fly", in software. The recently released Assembléon/Yamaha YGP printer has changed this, and has made new application research possible to study a crucial 01005 process variable for feature printing that previous researchers have ignored.

We have designed the first robust solder paste printing process for 01005 components that uses only a single printer and stencil. We have studied transfer efficiencies across all the major parameters, with important results for reliable high-density equipment assembly. Our findings show that a variable blade contact angle can print fine features with wider process window, and reduce overall process variation between boards produced from a line....

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Assembléon's quality and flexibility at NEPCON

Aug 13, 2012 | Assembléon’s booth at NEPCON South China (Shenzhen, booth 1G50, August 28 – 30) will be dedicated to the perfect combination of quality and flexibility, showing the iFlex and AX-501 Hybrid.

Assembléon Welcomes New CEO

Apr 27, 2012 | Exactly one year after the privatization from Royal Philips, the management of Assembléon is transferred to a new CEO and management team, fully composed of people with a long experience with Assembléon, its customers and technology.Assembleon Welcomes New CEO

Multiple awards for Assembléon at IPC APEX EXPO

Mar 21, 2012 | The IPC APEX 2012 trade show in San Diego was an outstanding success for Assembléon. Assembléon’s latest innovation in pick & place equipment, iFlex, had it's official North America introduction and was well received. iFlex is unique in combining quality, flexibility, efficiency and cost control in one single machine, thus fulfilling the wishes and needs of today’s industry.

The IPC APEX 2012 trade show in San Diego was an outstanding success for Assembléon.

Mar 15, 2012 | The IPC APEX 2012 trade show in San Diego was an outstanding success for Assembléon. Assembléon’s latest innovation in pick & place equipment, iFlex, had it's official North America introduction and was well received

Assembléon introducing new iFlex pick&place platform at APEX

Jan 22, 2012 | Assembléon is debuting iFlex at this year’s IPC APEX Expo after its successful first showings in Europe. iFlex is a new innovative, intelligent and flexible SMT solution for electronics manufacturers. It is especially designed to increase productivity in high product mix environments by more than 30%. iFlex produces the highest board quality since it uses Assembléon’s unique single-pick/single-place technology, giving the industry’s highest First Pass Yield production levels with defect levels of less than 10 DPM.

ICCO EMT Reports Good First Experience With iFlex

Nov 27, 2011 | ICCO EMT is reporting good first experience with Assembléon’s new iFlex pick & place solution.

Assembléon Launched New Services For Its A-Series at Productronica

Nov 27, 2011 | Assembléon introduced an expanded program of training sessions, support tools and services to guarantee worry-free PCB assembly throughout the lifetime of its pick & place machines.

Assembléon Introduced New iFlex Pick & Place Platform, Increasing PCBA Productivity by 30%

Nov 27, 2011 | Assembléon has launched iFlex SMT Pick & Place Platform at this year’s Productronica in Munich. iFlex is a complete new intelligent and flexible SMT solution for electronics manufacturers. It is especially designed to increase their productivity in high product mix environments by more than 30%.

Assembléon Introduced A-Series Hybrid in Europe at Productronica

Nov 27, 2011 | Assembléon is showing its new A-Series Hybrid pick & place machine for the first time in Europe at Productronica. The A-Series Hybrid introduces Assembléon’s proven parallel placement technique to applications like embedding components into substrates, flip-chip bonding and stacking for module (SiP/MCM) manufacturing.


Aug 24, 2011 | At this year’s Semicon Taiwan, September 7 to 9, Assembléon will make its official appearance in the semiconductor industry with a dedicated solution. In cooperation with local representative Sigmatek, the pick & place solution provider launches the A-Series Hybrid, a new solution within its A-Series lineup targeting manufacturers in the semiconductor back end industry.

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