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MCP - SMT Screen Printer

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Assembleon manufactures a range of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement equipment, Pick & Place Machines and provides related services.

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MCP - SMT Screen Printer

MCP - SMT Screen Printer


MCP - SMT Screen Printer



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MCP - SMT Screen Printer Description:

High precision, high speed printing

Reducing the cost of  quality has a high priority within manufacturing. Half of all manufacturing defects are printer related. Costs can be significantly reduced and end-of-line yield increased by avoiding or finding defects as early as possible. Assembléon tackles with its range of screen printers many of the known printing defects. Moreover, its current range of screen printers combine high-quality printing with high speed, offering PCB cycle times that can keep up with any high volume production.

The MCP screen printer has a flat-metal single-head squeegee to improve the speed and quality of the print. The squeegee’s variable angle print head significantly improves the repeatability of the paste deposition for 01005 components, even after a stencil cleaning. It  maintains constant solder pressure and produces perfect solder shapes with stencil thickness down to 50 µm and half edging stencils with stencil steps of 30 to 50 µm. It is ideal for PCBs mixing 01005 (0.4mm x 0.2mm) types with larger component sizes.

The fast wet or dry vacuum cleaning system operates during the PCB transport cycle, minimizing the impact on tact time. All cleaning actions are performed with a minimum use of paper which, along with a significantly lower solder paste use, fits in well with Assembléon’s drive towards greener Manufacturing. The MCP also has a unique feature that keeps the stencil from shifting during the print stroke, allowing better print repeatability on any board, even FlexFoil.   This feature secures the stencil on each side of the board during the print stroke, holding the stencil in place, and not allowing the stencil to slide on the board.

The MCP’s high speed digital inspection camera scans the printed PCB, searching and detecting excess or insufficient solder and bridging, and eliminates them from production.

With all of these improvements, the MCP is ideal for high speed and high quality manufacturing, and is a perfect match for Assembléon’s low-dpm (defects per million)   A-Series equipment and new high-quality, high-mix MC-Series.

Main benefits

  • 3S - Swing Single Squeegee head with variable printing attack angle from 45° to 65°, preventing scooping effects, handling thin stencils and small component interspacing
  • Always mask cleaning
  • Stencil thickness support down to 50 micron
  • Support of step stencils with larger than 20 micron steps
  • PCB always 100 % flat against stencil, no use of support strips
  • Printing pressure control
  • Printing stablizing control for constant printing pressure by stabilizing solder roll size
  • 2D paste inspection
  • Vacuum system to hold stencil in place during printing, preventing misalignments

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