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A-Series Hybrid - SMT Pick & Place System

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Assembleon manufactures a range of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement equipment, Pick & Place Machines and provides related services.

LA VELDHOVEN, Netherlands


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A-Series Hybrid - SMT Pick & Place System

A-Series Hybrid - SMT Pick & Place System


A-Series Hybrid - SMT Pick & Place System


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A-Series Hybrid - SMT Pick & Place System Description:

Reduce your SiP, MCM and flip chip production costs

Where different equipment were used to place chips and known good dies for manufacturing of SiP, MCM and high performance flip chip modules,  this can now be done on one single machine.

The A-Series Hybrid, with its unique parallel placement process capabilities and high accuracy robots, combines the requirements of reliable high speed chipshooting and accurate known good die placement into a one single machine solution.

Single machine solution for high speed chip shooting and flip chip bonding

  • Up to 15,000 cph (IPC 9850) flip chip bonding speeds
  • Up to 121,000 cph (IPC 9850) chipshooting speeds

High quality placement process

  • 10 micron accuracy
  • Closed loop placement force feedback on every placed component from 0.5N  
  • >99.99% first pass yield

Assembléon's A-Series Hybrid: a single machine solution

  • Per robot: 1 head, 1 nozzle, 1 component for full process control of that single component
  • Up to 3 parallel working twin die bonding robots for known good die placement rates of up to 15,000 cph (IPC 9850)
  • Up to 20 parallel working standard robots for passive placement rates of up to 121,000 cph (IPC 9850)

Controlled pick and place process for >99.99% first pass yield

Controlled pick of component

  • Closed loop controlled pick
    • No impact force during pick of known good dies
    • No component damage

Controlled movement of component

  • Continuous monitoring of component
  • Device specific accelleration and decelleration profile

Controlled dip fluxing

  • No impact force during dipping
  • Controlled dip process and die extraction from dip station
  • Even flux distribution on all bumps

Closed loop controlled placement

  • Advanced board collision detection mechanism
  • No impact force = no damaged components
  • Closed loop controlled programmable placement force starting at 0.5 N

Services & Software

Continuous refinement and updating of our customer support services ensure your lines stay competitive. We can help make your manufacturing processes more efficient. The services and software you choose are tailored to meet very specific factory automation requirements. This personalized applications support is available from our Competence Centers in Asia, America and Europe. This means the expertise behind the unique Installed Base Solutions and Assembléon Manufacturing Suite (AMS) software is always close to you.

A-Series SMT Pick and Place

The A-Series SMT Pick & Place Systems is a solution for medium and large batch production, also in high product mix environments. Three compatible machines (AX-201, AX-301 and AX-501) place complex and odd-form components with high accuracy. Line performance offers single-digit defects per million at placement rates of between 11k and 165k components per hour.

The A-Series uses nozzles and grippers that individually can pick and place a large range of component types, reducing unnecessary exchange times. Custom nozzles and grippers are also available on request. The A-Series machines automatically change the nozzles if required.

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