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Thermally Managed Memory

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NEW Thermally Managed, CTE controlled, Very Rigid, Light Weight STABLCOR PCB / Substrate Technology

Santa Ana, California, USA


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Thermally Managed Memory

Thermally Managed Memory


Thermally Managed Memory

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CMTL�s Advanced Qualification Test Summary for Ramtek Inc.�s Thermally Managed, Heat Dissipating, STABLCOR 1 Gigabyte, PC133, 168 pin DIMM Memory Module for Intel Corporations SBT2 ( Baytown )server. PASSED System Type:SBT2 (Baytown) Intel PC133 Manufacturer: Ramtek Inc. Received: 12/5/00 Part #: HD133-CL3-R-1GB-ECC-168 RTD:MB: 1GB Status: PASSED Config: 128M x 72 Count: 5 DRAM: Samsung Start Date: 12/7/00 DRAM Part #: K4S560432B-TC75 rev B Finish Date: 12/18/00 PCB Part: HD1331R rev C Test Group: RTI01 Module Info: Registered, ECC,133mhz, SDRAM DIMM Module Speed:Sync 7.5ns Cas Latency: 3 Actual Height: 39.0 Assembly: Stack Dram Actual Length: Height: 39 Actual Thick: 5.45 Length: 133 Thickness: 5.5 PCB Layer Count: 6 Layer PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 Ambient Temp : %0 Voltage 55� Temp: -6% Voltage 55� Temp: +6% Voltage Accuracy of testing is restricted to the above mentioned modules with specific DRAM and PCB part # as tested with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition� / Microsoft with Service Pack 6.0, WinPIE 3.03�/3.22c, XCOPY, Automem 2.11��. (Windows 2000 Advanced Server where applicable.)

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