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9K - Heavy, Extra Large PCB AOI

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Vi TECHNOLOGY is a worldwide global supplier of a wide range of innovative Automated Inspection AOI, 3D-SPI equipment and software solutions that provide real time data collection and correlation across the SMT line.

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9K - Heavy, Extra Large PCB AOI

9K - Heavy, Extra Large PCB AOI


9K - Heavy, Extra Large PCB AOI



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9K - Heavy, Extra Large PCB AOI Description:

Heavy Board Solution

The 9K Heavy Board AOI is an inspection and process control solution dedicated to heavy PCBAs up to 15 kg and 21” x 24”.

The 9K HB AOI has been designed with best-in-class hardware and software technologies to provide highest performances for automatic inspection on heavy PCBAs especially on telecom, infrastructure and networking market segments.

The 9K HB AOI features a high resolution camera, a true telecentric lens and i-LITE, our proprietary configurable illumination system providing a high quality image for the inspection and color viewing on the DefectViewer station.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art XY gantry with linear motors and optical encoders.

The 9K HB AOI can also be equipped with the Vi-292 Long board inspection option, enabling inspection of PCBA’s up to 40’’ x 24”. Inspection of long boards is automatically performed in 2 steps with no intervention of operator to manipulate the board.

This option includes additional sensors, conveyor extensions to be added at the entry and/or output of the AOI and software option to handle the programming and inspection of large PCBAs.

The 9K HB AOI provides 100% defect coverage at high-throughput for production lines of heavy and large PCBAs.

Inspection capabilities include presence, absence, polarity, placement accuracy, solder joint inspection as well as OCV, lifted lead and sensitive solder joint inspection.

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