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VeriSmart™/VeriSmart-A AOI

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Orbotech develops and produces the world's most advanced hi-tech equipment for inspecting and imaging circuit boards and display panels - the backbones of today's cutting-edge electronic products.

Yavne, Israel


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VeriSmart™/VeriSmart-A AOI

VeriSmart™/VeriSmart-A AOI


VeriSmart™/VeriSmart-A AOI



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VeriSmart™/VeriSmart-A AOI Description:

Superior image quality combined with multiple illumination sources

Orbotech's advanced Verification and Repair stations set new industry standards in image quality, throughput and ease-of-use for improving the verification processes in mainstream PCB applications. Our VeriSmart-A systems feature the patent-pending Amethyst Technology. Amethyst Technology offers superior image quality combined with multiple illumination sources, enabling the operator to clearly distinguish between a real defect and a false one. Verismart-A is a significant feedback tool ensuring the best repair results.

VeriSmart/VeriSmart-A highlights:

  • Unsurpassed image quality
  • Amethyst Technology*
  • Ease-of-Use for high productivity
  • Tilted table for easy manual repair activities
  • Compact and compatible
  • Built-in vacuum ensuring quiet operation
  • Easy access and high working distance to defect areas

*Available on VeriSmart-A/VeriWide-A models only

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