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Valor MSS - End-to-end Solution for PCBA Manufacturing

Valor MSS - End-to-end Solution for PCBA Manufacturing

Valor MSS - End-to-end Solution for PCBA Manufacturing


Valor MSS - End-to-end Solution for PCBA Manufacturing



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Mentor Graphics

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Mentor Graphics

A leader in software solutions for electroncs design, Mentor Graphics is the only EDA company with a total end-to-end solution for design though manufacturing.

Wilsonville, Oregon, USA

Design, Software Manufacturer

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Valor MSS - End-to-end Solution for PCBA Manufacturing Description:

Valor MSS seamlessly integrates the entire PCB manufacturing process with one easy-to-manage platform. Available as an end-to-end suite, each of the following modules may also be installed separately.

One platform supports your entire manufacturing process.

Valor® MSS is the PCB industry's first true end-to-end solution, extending Mentor Graphic's offering from product design to the manufacturing shop floor. Valor MSS covers all phases of PCB manufacturing from new product introduction to assembly and test.

Integrate manufacturing processes into a single platform

Integrate manufacturing processes into a single platform

Valor MSS Foundation manages the factory's master data, enforced routing and master schedule, providing seamless integration to ERP.

Valor MSS Foundation

Comprehensive manufacturing process preparation

Valor MSS Process Preparation automates the full DFx cycle, providing process development, DFA analysis, SMT programming and test engineering for PCB assembly operations.

Valor® MSS Process Preparation for PCB Assembly and Test

Streamline new product introduction (NPI)

Valor NPI automates the design for manufacturing (DFM) process, resolving potential PCB assembly issues before they become problems. It offers full support for the ODB++ data interchange format, an industry standard.

PCB New Product Introduction (NPI) Platform with Comprehensive DFM Optimization

Optimize PCB production planning

Valor MSS Production Planning creates an intelligent, optimized PCB production plan on multiple lines, based on actual machine and feeder capacity, materials and configuration.

Valor® MSS Production Planning for PCB Assembly

Improve manufacturing asset utilization

Valor MSS Asset Utilization helps managers isolate and improve problem areas in PCB manufacturing lines, increasing asset utilization and production efficiency.

Valor® MSS Asset Utilization for PCB Assembly

Optimize inventory with end-to-end material management

Valor MSS Material Management reduces inventory and streamlines production by employing lean material flow and just-in-time principles.

Valor MSS Material Verification automates error control in material management, ensuring that a PCB factory line will not be run until all material set-ups are correct.

Valor MSS Material Traceability tracks PCB factory materials history, minimizing liability and ensuring compliance with customer traceability requirements.

Valor® MSS Material Verification for PCB Assembly

Maximize quality control in the factory

Valor MSS Quality Management ensures that PCB manufacturing, assembly and test are correctly executed and drive toward the goal of zero defects.

Valor® MSS Quality Management for PCB Assembly

Better business intelligence = better decisions

Valor MSS Business Intelligence helps PCB assembly line managers deliver product on-time, eliminate waste and improve asset utilization, first pass yield and DPMO.

Valor® MSS Business Intelligence (BI) for PCB Assembly


“All our customers measure our quality in terms of first pass yield, on time delivery, and cost performances - those three parameters are fully addressed by Valor MSS.”

- Ehud Gitai, Director of Quality & Technology, RH Technologies

“Using Valor MSS, the trace of materials is automatic. The trace data is collected 100% for every panel.”

- Luca Grifagni, Engineering Manager, Meta Systems

“MSS Quality Management increases the quality of our released products and gives me full visibility on the overall quality level and each quality issue.”

- Itamar Caspi, Quality Manager, RH Technologies

“MSS Business Intelligence helps our factory achieve even higher performance. We need immediate access to information we can act on, and BI provides this visibility. BI is reducing our time-to-corrective action, improving our bottom line profi ts, and enabling us to offer better service to our customers.”

- Farid Anani, Manufacturing Manager, Computrol

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