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Jetting Pump - NCM5000

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A Manufacturer of High Quality, Precision, Automated Fluid Dispensing and Conformal Coating Systems, SMT Cover Tape Peel Tester and Lead Forming machines for through-hole component preparation.

Grand Junction, Colorado, USA


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Jetting Pump - NCM5000

Jetting Pump - NCM5000


Jetting Pump - NCM5000



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GPD Global

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Jetting Pump - NCM5000 Description:

Jetting Pump (NCM5000) dispenses glue

Jetting Simplified

Jetting pumps are excellent for dispensing small volumes of fluid at high rates of speed. The NCM5000 simplifies jetting to its basic elements - this means easy set up, cleaning, and maintenance for you. The drive system is designed for reliable pneumatic operation at high speeds.

The Jetting Pump NCM5000 is compatible with a wide range of fluids: UV curables, SMT glue, Underfills, and LED encapsulants to name a few.

Easy Setup & Cleaning

Consisting of only 3 primary parts, the NCM5000 has a main body, a flexible diaphragm with ball, and a nozzle plate, all of which are easy to install, disassemble, and clean. With only two screws to disassemble the entire pump and only two wetted parts, jetting couldn't be simpler.

Optimizing Dispense Process

When not used on a GPD Global platform, the pump can be controlled with an offline controller on a bench top or from an external control system.

  • Pump Operation Pressure - controls the force of fluid exiting the pump
  • Pump Open Time - adjusts fluid volume of a single shot
  • Reservoir Pressure - controls reservoir fill speed
  • Pump Dispense Dwell - controls droplet frequency
  • Nozzle Temperature - compensates for temperature fluctuations within the facility and enhances compatibility of fluid characteristics for jetting

Real Time Process Control -FPC

When dispensing fluids, there is always a question about the consistency of the fluid delivered to the pump. Different fluid materials, batches, and levels in the syringe or reservoir can affect flow when fluid is fed from a syringe.

Fluid Pressure Control (FPC) is a breakthrough in uniform fluid dispensing. FPC ensures a constant supply of fluid is always available to the pump regardless of reservoir size or fluid level. FPC provides a consistent feed of fluid to the dispensing pump regardless of reservoir fluid level.  FPC monitors the pressure of fluid entering the dispense pump and makes adjustments to the reservoir feed pressure, resulting in a consistent feed to the dispense pump

FPC is available in all GPD Global dispense platforms.  An offline control system is available to interface with your existing dispense pump.  Contact GPD Global +1(970)-245-0408 for details.

GPD Global offers a selection of pumps to meet the needs of most fluids used in Electronics manufacturing.

  • Precision Auger Pump
  • Volumetric Pump (PCD)
  • Jetting Pump (NCM5000)
  • Time Pressure

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