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High Performance Dispense System - Hyperion

High Performance Dispense System - Hyperion

High Performance Dispense System - Hyperion


High Performance Dispense System - Hyperion



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GPD Global

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GPD Global

A Manufacturer of High Quality, Precision, Automated Fluid Dispensing and Conformal Coating Systems, SMT Cover Tape Peel Tester and Lead Forming machines for through-hole component preparation.

Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

Adhesives/Dispensing, Component Preparation, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, OEM

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High Performance Dispense System - Hyperion Description:

Compact and Efficient

Implementing a Hyperion dispense system in your production line will reduce your setup and processing time and improve performance by increasing your UPH and overall quality.

Hyperion is a cutting-edge dispense system complete with a host of features that will improve your manufacturing performance. Smooth, quiet, and precise linear motor motion is perfect for clean room environments.

The gantry configuration of a dual Y axis and single X axis has acceleration greater than 1G for increased productivity and performance.

The unique gantry design provides a large work area of 358 mm x 508 mm (14.09" x 20.0").


Hyperion operates a single pump during processing, but may accommodate different pump styles via an easy pump exchange. Each pump is equipped with a smart chip that indicates to the system which pump is installed. It can also support metrics tracking such as use and maintenance cycles. When pumps are exchanged, the operator executes a fully automatic nozzle calibration that locates the nozzle tip in all axes, then cleans it with the integrated nozzle cleaner.

Inline and Stand-Alone Configurations

Hyperion is available in stand-alone and inline configurations. Inline configurations have a single zone used for processing. During transport, the belt moves with dynamic speed for quick, smooth transfer, reducing the time required to move a product through the system compared to traditional transport.


Vision images are crisp, clear, and in high definition for the best processing – no blurry images. The camera is located on a programmable axis so products of various heights and configurations are always in focus, eliminating the need for an operator to adjust camera focus.


Programming software with an intuitive touch screen interface for easy navigation is displayed on a large screen. Operators use common expressions and methods to navigate a feature-rich software system. Programming is quick and easy from a variety of data formats. Traditional methods of jog and teach or manual data entry are also available.

Standard Features

  • Lift table
  • SMEMA compliant for inline operation
  • Adjustable conveyor assembly
  • Single pump assembly with smart chip technology
  • Modular pump controller for quick changeover
  • One-button pump assembly removal/installation
  • Intuitive Windows 10 touchscreen user interface
  • Top or side mount touch screen compatibile
  • Built in OPC UA interface for smart factory communication (Industrie 4.0)
  • Industrial IOT compatibility
  • Linear motors for faster and quieter operation
  • Linear encoder
  • Integrated casters for factory positioning
  • Solid state pneumatics with enhanced safety features
  • Backlit calibration and nozzle cleaning station
  • Auto vision with high definition camera and telecentric lens for clear imaging
  • Inline and Stand-alone Models
  • Positioning Accuracy ± 0.025 mm (± 0.001")
  • Repeatability ± 0.0152 mm (± 0.0006")
  • Red/Blue Illuminator
  • Interior Lighting
  • Interlocked Safety Barriers for Operator Safety
  • 3-Color Status Light Tower - Red, Amber, Green
  • Start Up & Leveling Kit
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • 115 VAC 60 Hz or 230 VAC 50 Hz

Add-On Options

  • Dual conveyor capability
  • Reservoir level detection
  • Reservoir heating
  • Intel vPro service support - based on computer
  • ProcessView Camera with Recording
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Weight Scale for Process Calibration - calibrates pump to a programmed weight.
  • Real Time Process Control (FPC)
    Maximizes pump dispense capability by constantly monitoring and adjusting the pressure of fluid entering the pump to maintain optimal pump operating conditions. Compensates for variations in flow from the fluid reservoir into the pump - from full to empty. Also instantaneously adjusts to maintain constant feed during dispense operations of dots, lines, and area fills. Real time adjustment picks up where weight scales leave off.

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