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Delta Solder Paste

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Delta Solder Paste


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Qualitek International, Inc.

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Qualitek International, Inc.

Global soldering materials manufacturer founded in 1980 headquartered in IL. U.S.A. Products include: RoHS lead free solders + leaded, Metals Recycling Program, Solder Check Up Program, Technical Support. ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Addison, Illinois, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Soldering

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Delta Solder Paste Description:

A unique blend of low oxide, high purity solder powder with various paste flux formulations.

Qualitek has developed several types of high-performance Delta Solder Paste designed for use in Sn/Pb or for Pb-Free circuit board assembly.  Qualitek offers No-Clean, RMA (Rosin Mildly Activated), RA (Rosin Activated) and Water-Soluble solder paste types for surface mount assemblies.  Delta Solder Paste types are available for printing, dispensing and package-on-package assembly.

Qualitek Delta Lead Free No-Clean Solder Paste

Formulated for finepitch printability, increased stencil life, high tack force and good wetting. Meet J-STD-004/005 requirements and complies with Bellcore specifications. Formulations suitable for reflow in air or nitrogen atmosphere. New advanced formulations meet additional performance criteria such as high print speed, maximum stencil open time, pin testable residues and are virtually free from solder-beading and solder balls.

Qualitek Delta Lead Free Water-Soluble Solder Paste

Formulated to accommodate a broad range of SMT applications where water/aqueous post reflow cleaning is required. Qualiteks unique formulations produce reliable solder joints that are shiny and bright.

Qualitek Delta Lead Free RMA Solder Paste

RMA lead free solder paste exhibit superior joint strength, excellent wettability and brick like print definition. Meets or exceeds J-STD-004/J-STD-005.

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