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Qualitek International, Inc.

Global soldering materials manufacturer founded in 1980 headquartered in IL. U.S.A. Products include RoHS lead free solders + leaded, Metals Recycling Program, Solder Check Up Program, Technical Support. ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Addison, Illinois, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Soldering

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Lead Tinning Fluxes Description:

Lead tinning is a process of hot solder dipping of semiconductor and other electronic components. This solder coating provides a thick non-porous surface which enables a long solderable storage life.

Qualitek offers a line of fluxes for use in the lead tinning process. These fluxes are halide free therefore they will not cause internal package corrosion.

Qualitek lead tinning fluxes are precisely formulated to provide an effective solder coat for various types of lead tinning applications.

Qualitek's Lead Tinning Fluxes:

  • 813 Lead Tinning Fluxes for Leaded Chemistries - Halogen free. Excelent activity and foaming. Designed for wave soldering and Dip-Tinning.
  • 814 Zero Halogen Lead Tinning Fluxes - Halogen free. Fast wetting. Excellent for Tinning-Lead frames or component leads. May be used in lead and lead free assebmly. Qualiteks Halogen Zero formulations exceed IEC acceptable industry standards and contain 0% ppm total halogens.
  • 820 Lead Tinning Flux - Halogen free. For high temperature tinning application.
  • 830VHF VOC Free Lead Tinning Flux - Superior wetting. Shiny joints, no hazy white film.

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